New Cycle Key Art
New Cycle Key Art
New Cycle Key Art | Courtesy of Daedalic Entertainment

New Cycle: A Survival City-Builder Rising from the Ashes”

Core Engage Unveils Exciting Gameplay Trailer for Post-Apocalyptic Strategy Title and Partners with Daedalic Entertainment for Worldwide Release

Core Engage has treated us to a glimpse of their highly anticipated survival city-builder game, New Cycle. Released today, the immersive gameplay trailer (below) sets the scene for this post-apocalyptic base-builder that will surely captivate strategy fans.

New Cycle is set amidst the ruins of a civilization shattered by a devastating solar flare. As the custodian of a band of survivors, your mission is to transform a humble fort into a bustling metropolis whilst staving off the existential threats that endanger your community. Currently, a public demo is available on Steam, but be ready for an upgrade with the major updates set to be released in the Steam Next Fest demo on June 19th, 2023. Early Access on Steam is scheduled for later in the year.

New Cycle | Trailer – Demo Playable Now!

The game takes us to a stark yet thrillingly potential-filled future, where the Earth’s magnetic field has collapsed following a severe solar flare. With temperatures rising and humanity teetering on the brink of extinction, it’s up to you to establish a settlement in the remaining habitable zone in the Northern Hemisphere.

Resource gathering, decision making, and relationship management form the backbone of this game, as you grapple with post-apocalyptic challenges. As if these weren’t enough, you’ll also have to cope with the harsh realities of an eroded atmosphere with its unpredictable cycles and destructive events. Core Engage is eager to breathe new life into the colony survival genre and this innovative game is the first step in that journey.

Core Engage has also announced a partnership with publisher Daedalic Entertainment to bring New Cycle to a global audience. Daedalic Entertainment, known for their indie titles such as Inkulinati, Deponia, and Shadow Tactics: Blades of the Shogun, is set to amplify the reach of this fresh survival city-builder.

Core Engage is keen to involve the community in the game’s development process through its Early Access stage. You can stay updated on their progress by signing up to their newsletter on the New Cycle website, wishlisting the game on Steam, following Daedalic Entertainment on Twitter or just keeping an eye out here on Gaming.Buzz we’re will bring you all the latest news.

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