Lies of P Key Art
Lies of P Key Art
Lies of P Key Art | Courtesy of Neowiz Games

NEOWIZ Unveils Enchanting Depths of ‘Lies of P’ With New Behind-The-Scenes Videos

Celebrate Pinocchio's Birthday by Delving Into The Dark Fairy Tale of 'Lies of P'

It’s Pinocchio’s birthday, and NEOWIZ, one of the front-runners in the South Korean gaming scene, has decided to throw a bit of a party. Instead of cake and balloons, they’ve released two videos that give us a peek behind the curtain of their hotly awaited Souls-like game, ‘Lies of P’.

Project Director Ji Won Choi and Art Director Chang Kyu Noh star in the first video, sharing their insights into the game’s story, characters, tone, art direction, and more. These are the sorts of details that can make or break a game, and it’s clear they’ve poured their hearts and souls into crafting something truly unique.

Lies of P | Developer behind The Scenes Trailer

If you’re curious about what makes a game character tick, the second video will be right up your alley. In a candid chat, actor Allegra Marland (Elden Ring, The Crown) spills the beans on her character, Sophia, who’s not your average gal. Sophia has the intriguing ability to manipulate time after awakening the true powers of Ergo, and Marland dives deep into her characterisation process and reveals some of her favourite lines.

Lies of P | Allegra Marland Interview Trailer

Inspired by the story of Pinocchio, ‘Lies of P’ transforms the familiar tale into a dark action game set in the Belle Époque-inspired city of Krat. Once a place of beauty, Krat is now a puppet-infested nightmare where a deadly plague roams free. Playing as P, a puppet on a relentless quest to find Geppetto and become human, you’ll navigate an intricately designed world rife with deep combat, character customisation, and narrative choices that affect your humanisation process. But beware – in this world, everyone’s a liar.

‘Lies of P’ is scheduled to launch in August 2023 on PlayStation®4, PlayStation®5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, and PC via Steam & Xbox Store. It will also be coming Day One to Game Pass. We’ll be writing a Where To Buy guide as Lies of P releases.

Now, it’s over to you! Are you ready for a journey into the dark corners of Pinocchio’s world? Share your thoughts on ‘Lies of P’ in the comments below or on the Gaming.Buzz Community Discord. What’s got you most excited? The unique characterisation? The gorgeous art direction? The narrative mechanics? Let’s get the conversation buzzing!

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