Narrative Puzzle Game RECURSIVE RUIN Launches May 18 on PC

Bit Rot
Iceberg Interactive
PC (Microsoft Windows)
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Release Date
May 18, 2022
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An introspective journey through grief with a demon cat and kaleidoscopic environmental puzzles.

Iceberg Interactive and Bit Rot are proud to announce the release of their latest game, Recursive Ruin, on PC on May 18, 2022! The game will be releasing on Steam, GoG and the Epic Game Store.

Recursive Ruin is a narrative based puzzle game that will confuse, beguile, and fascinate you. It invites you into a kaleidoscopic, unending realm aptly named the Infinite Worlds. Caught between unending existential crises and complex environmental puzzles, you will have to find your way to freedom by bending the very nature of reality to your advantage.

Recursive Ruin aims to deliver a story that will take a deep dive into your psyche, to deal with the main characters grief, past traumatic events, and a creative crisis. (I promise it’s going to be more fun than it sounds.)

The Infinite Realms are filled with strange, bizarre residents, hidden space and weird non-Euclidean geometries. You have the unique ability to shift the infinitely repeating world inwards or outwards. Just like when you would play with a Kaleidoscope as a child. Use your power to open up paths that seemed blocked, overcome vast chasms, and solve puzzles with this interesting game mechanic.

In Recursive Ruin, reality is what you make of it.

Check out the trailer for Recursive Ruin below!

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