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Multiverse Designer – Now On Kickstarter

Multiverse Designer is a virtual tool for storytelling, particularly in the context of tabletop games. The intuitive tools allow you to create impressive 3D environments from scratch and customise them to your liking. Populate the worlds you created with adventurers, human NPCs and monsters.

Multiverse Designer is now available to support on Kickstarter.

Kickstarter Short

The game allows players to create an immersive environment for their games, thanks to features and tools such as real-time lip synching, or the option to add a fog of war. Light and shadows can be adjusted dynamically, which helps with creating the perfect atmosphere.

A lot of tabletop games play in a medieval setting, but with Multiverse Designer, you can create environments fitting for many different genres, including sci-fi settings. The large asset library has everything you need and if it doesn’t – you can import your own assets from external sources. Players can share their creations with other players and dungeon masters if they wish to do so.

Add life to your world by adding animated monsters and NPCs via the Encounter Spawner tool.

Multiverse Designer allows for immersive roleplaying experience. Players can create character sheets, customise their character inside the tool, and put yourself in their shoes quite literally by taking on their perspective – including dynamic fog of war – where you only see what your character can see.
Virtual dice allow you to roleplay fully within the tool, so you don’t break immersion.

Multiverse Designer can be used to run both virtual and physical sessions alike.

The tool is currently trying to get support for funding development on Kickstarter. The developers are asking for $60,000 USD to successfully finish the campaign.

Read more about the tool and the available tiers for support on the Kickstarter website. Please be aware that you are backing this project at your own risk.

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