Mordhau Key Art
Mordhau Key Art
Mordhau Key Art | Courtesy of Triternion

Mordhau Unleashes Medieval Mayhem on Consoles: Full-on Combat Now in Your Living Room

The Critically-Acclaimed 64-Player Battlefield Game, Mordhau, Makes its Grand Entrance on Xbox and PlayStation

Mordhau, the popular 64-player combat game which has been making waves in the PC gaming sphere, is now available on Xbox and PlayStation consoles. For those who have been eagerly anticipating this moment, it’s time to don your armour, ready your weapon, and step into the brutal medieval battlegrounds of Mordhau.

Renowned game developer Triternion launched the console edition of the game today, opening up a thrilling world of chivalry, warfare, and tactical strategy to a broader gaming audience. Console players will now have a unique opportunity to test their mettle against rivals from around the globe, thanks to the introduction of crossplay, an exclusive feature for console gamers.

Mordhau | Console Launch Trailer

On this tumultuous battlefield, players can immerse themselves in the first-person or third-person perspective, simultaneously engaging with up to 63 other combatants in a frenzy of epic proportions. Here, each player is both a friend and a foe; an ally and an adversary.

Customisation is key in Mordhau’s console edition, with in-depth character creation systems that allow players to mould their warriors’ faces, handpick armour pieces, and forge their weapons. The vast arsenal of swords, bows, and other pieces of equipment promise a unique experience for each gamer, offering multiple paths to victory.

This version of Mordhau is not merely a copy-paste of the PC edition. Triternion has managed to pack it full of features that range from massive battles with modes like Frontline and Invasion, to co-op and offline play options. There’s a realistic balance between gameplay and authenticity, with every fight looking believable and visceral.

Players can opt to engage in free-form melee and ranged combat, take full control of their characters, and develop their unique fighting styles. The battlefield is interactive, allowing warriors to use their surroundings to their advantage, whether it’s fighting on ladders or operating siege engines to secure the win.

The new console edition of Mordhau is now available for purchase on the Xbox Store * and PlayStation Store at £32.99 / $39.99 USD or local equivalent. If you’ve ever fancied the chance to participate in a believable and gory medieval war right from your couch, this is an opportunity you won’t want to miss. If you’re a PC gamer and Mordhau sounds like your sort of game it’s currently on sale on CDKeys * for a stonking 81% off.

For those who’ve already tried Mordhau on consoles, we’d love to hear your initial impressions. How are you enjoying the game? What’s your preferred weapon? Have you managed to climb the ranks yet? Share your thoughts and experiences in the comments section below, or join the discussion in our Gaming.Buzz Community Discord where you’ll also find details of our Mordhau Horde Mode Server that’s open to our community.

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