MORDHAU: A Brutal Medieval Battle Awaits Console Players!

Prepare for Limbs to Fly as MORDHAU Conquers PlayStation and Xbox on July 12th!

Brace yourselves for the blood-soaked frenzy that awaits as the highly anticipated medieval melee combat game, MORDHAU, charges onto PlayStation and Xbox consoles on July 12th. In this epic 64-player action game, expect nothing short of relentless battles, where blood will spill and limbs will fly.

As you prepare to enter the fray, make a choice between engaging in visceral hand-to-hand combat or unleashing devastating ranged attacks upon your foes. The battlefield will be a sight of hardcore gore, with severed limbs strewn across the ground, arrows raining from the sky, and fearless cavalry charging headfirst to dismantle even the most impregnable defences. To emerge victorious, you’ll need to think swiftly, adapt to multiple fronts, scale ladders, seize control of catapults, and outsmart your adversaries at every turn.

MORDHAU offers an extensive character customization system, granting you the freedom to shape your warrior’s appearance and even their voice. You can also forge unique weapons by combining different parts, ensuring that your armament suits your playstyle. Don your chosen armour and equip your character with the weapons that resonate with your warrior spirit, creating the perfect combatant who is unafraid to charge into battle.

Console players will rejoice in the fact that they can experience the same exhilarating game modes available in the PC version. Engage in large-scale battles in the ‘Invasion’ mode, where you must either attack or defend with all your might. Seek to dominate territories in the ‘Frontline’ mode, or rally to protect the noble against relentless enemies in ‘Horde’. For those who prefer more intimate skirmishes, smaller maps such as ‘Deathmatch’, ‘Team Deathmatch’, and ‘Skirmish’ await your brawling expertise.

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