A view of our Server's Spawntown
A view of our Server's Spawntown
A Screenshot from in-server showing Spawntown

Minecraft: Java Edition – Imaflanker Community Server

Minecraft - Box Art
Mojang Studios
Mojang Studios
Linux, Mac, PC (Microsoft Windows),
Release Date
Nov 18, 2011

About Our Server

In our community Minecraft server we have a vast array of structures, from the beautifully made Spawn town (created by a collaboration of community members) to Waggly’s picturesque Farm, Meras’s Fort Guin to Lex and Mystery’s Industrious Factory there are sights to see all across the server. Currently the Server runs on 1.18.2.

Server Rules

This is a co-op sever: we contribute and collaborate.

No PvP. No Trolling. No Griefing.

The Discord and Servers are PG13 unless stated otherwise: that means no swearing and no offensive language.

If a mod says you’ve stepped over the line, listen to them. We have ban hammers and are happy to use them.

Respect other people’s farms.

Don’t destroy the villages or anything you haven’t built.

Replant trees and crops.

Generally ‘Play Nice’.

Location Guide – Spawntown

The first place you will arrive at is the Municipality of Spawntown, with its public library providing a beautiful map that you can plan your adventures from and its automated farming system you can find the supplies you need to get ready to explore the world. There are many beautiful houses to see in Spawn town with special note to be given to Daftpanzer’s beautiful Beachouse.

Location Guide – pqdpq’s Trading Post

Heading down the road you will come to pqdpq’s Trading post. This former village turned working camp has everything a Trader will need to continue their journey, from multiple Villager traders to a full working XP farm this is the place to rest and resupply.

Location Guide – Waggly’s Farm and Rawry’s Duality Trees

The endpoint of the Eastern road from Spawntown is Waggly’s Farm, an expansive farm with a bit of everything that can be grown or bred, this farm supplies most of the Servers food requirements and often players will travel here for specific wool colours for their homes. Overshadowing the Farm is Likearawry’s amazing Duality Tree house one side a beautiful giant Spruce treehouse and the other a Tower of looming Blackstone linked by a bridge, its truly a marvel to see appearing in the distance. No visit here is complete without checking out the Rowboat Racecourse that has been built for people to zip around.

Location Guide – Fort Guin

The first stop on the road South West from Spawntown is the sprawling Fort Guin, a fortified area cut from the mountains with a variety of traders spread around and the Cathedral is a wonder to behold. Continuing out of Fort Guins “Lava Gate” in the south you come to a crossroads. With a loop to the East to Waggly’s Farm or a long road to Lex and Mysteries Factory Town.

Location Guide – Lex and Mysteries Factory Town

As you approach the first thing you will see are the smokestacks of the Alchemy factory, walking past this shows introduces you to a beatifully simple farming area right on the Ocean’s coast. Modern concrete builds here bely the simple beauty of the underwater Nether portal, balanced between the water above and the lava below.

Location Guide – The Nether

In the Darkness of the Nether there is a quick travel route to some Locations. From Lex and Mystery’s Crimson Fort you can travel back to the Spawn or even to Waggly’s Farm in a matter of moments. The road infrastructure was built by Mystery with most sections providing a speed boost with Soul Speed boots.

Server Information

Server Name: Imaflanker CS1
Server IP: See Discord
Password: See Discord

Slots: 52
Admins: Meras, Imaflanker

Have I missed your build? Have I accidentally attributed it to the wrong person? Reach out and let me know in the Minecraft Channel in discord!

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