Mighty Goose Free DLC Update Coming on April 19th!

Blastmode, MP2 Games
PC (Microsoft Windows), PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series S/X, Nintendo Switch
Release Date
Jun 05, 2021
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Waddle your way across the galaxy showering enemies with a crazy arsenal of weapons and war machines! HONK!

PLAYISM is proud to announce a free DLC update for Mighty Goose, coming on April 19th.

Mighty Goose is a fast paced run & gun shooter starring a bounty hunter Goose. Use epic weapons and devastating war machines to battle against screen filling bosses and hordes of enemies!

At its core, Mighty Goose is a tight scrolling run and gun shooter in the vein of classics like Metal Slug and Contra. It will test your skill, timing, reflexes. Building upon that solid arcade base, the game adds a ton of crazy weapons, war machines, upgrades and secrets to keep you coming back for more.

In his latest adventure, Goose travels to the world of water, Planet Ceto, to save the planet and its inhabitants, the fish people, from the evil Baron. 


  • Fast-paced running-and-gunning.
  • Battle against screen-filling bosses that will test your skill, timing, and dodging
  • Customize your playing style using a combination of upgrade chips, secondary weapons and assist characters.
  • Pilot devastating war machines to decimate large groups of enemies.
  • Beautifully crafted vibrant pixel art worlds, vehicles, and characters.
  • An amazing synth-rock and funky-jazz soundtrack composed by Dominic Ninmark (Moonrider, Blazing Chrome, Gravity Circuit) featuring crunchy fusion melodies.

It’s time for Goose to do what he does best – rain bullets on the bad guys and save the day!

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