Medieval Dynasty | image courtesy of Toplitz Productions

Medieval Dynasty – Co-Op Mode Launched

On the 7th of December 2023, Toplitz Productions released a co-op mode for players of their popular medieval role-playing game Medieval Dynasty.

Medieval Dynasty is set in a fictional historical medieval Europe, in a world where nobility, clergy, and nations trade rule the land. Society is disturbed by envy, distrust, greed, and military conflict. Players play as a young man who is taking matters into his own hands and rises from a poor peasant to the leader of a dynasty. You have to ensure that you can provide for the people that rely on you and keep them safe.

The new co-op mode provides even more opportunities for strategic gameplay as players can divide responsibilities and tackle the various challenges as a team. Additionally, players can now pick a female character model in the character creator as well and customise their appearance even further.

See the update trailer for more details:

Medieval Dynasty | Co-Op Update Release Trailer EN

The game is still under continued development and will get more improvements based on player feedback. Co-op is currently only available on Steam, but the update is currently being worked on for other PC platforms, PlayStation 5, and Xbox X|S.

If you want to pick up a copy of Medieval Dynasty, you can do so here. Keep in mind that the co-op mode is only available on Steam versions of the game for a few months.

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