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Medieval City-Builder MANOR LORDS Out Now In Early Access

Hooded Horse and Slavic Magic are pleased to announce the release of their highly anticipated historical city-builder Manor Lords in Early Access. The game has been one of the most wishlisted games this year, with 3 million players adding the game to their Wishlist on Steam alone. Developed by a single developer, Manor Lords is a passion project and lovingly hand-crafted.

In Manor Lords, players take on the role of a 14th-century Lord, tasked with starting a new village and growing it into a bustling city. Manage various resources and build efficient production chains to ensure that the families living in your settlement can cover their basic needs. When you are ready, you can expand your lands through conquest and engage in exciting and realistic battles.

Watch the launch trailer here:

Manor Lords – Launch Trailer | Medieval City Builder/RTS

Manor Lords references art and architecture of late 14th century Franconia and strives for historical accuracy where possible. With multiple historical consultants and experts informing the visuals and gameplay mechanics, the game avoids medieval tropes in favour of historical accuracy to create a believable game world.

Build your settlement on a gridless map with full freedom of placement and rotation. Watch as your buildings are erected using realistic building mechanics and spread out from a central marketplace following the natural lay of the land. Soil fertility, wild animal populations and resource deposits will influence and shape the way you build your town. You can assign housing plots and watch your residents develop their homes based on an historical burgage plot system. Homeowners pay taxes and use their plot to grow vegetables and keep small animals like chickens and goats. The change of the seasons poses an additional challenge as you navigate the unique demands and challenges of spring, summer, autumn, and winter.

Use a large variety of resources that you can find on the map or produce yourself. Your settlements can specialise on resources that are easier to obtain for them and you can establish trade routes to support your network of villages. But watch out for effects on the environment as you are expanding – herds of wild animals will move away, soil fertility can worsen, and cutting down too many trees results in deforestation.

You are not the only Lord on the map seeking to expand, and competing ambitions can lead to conflict. You can gather your loyal people to fight in battle for you, where every death is a cost worth considering. Train warriors to lead the town militia in exciting, real-time tactical battles where weather conditions, fatigue, and equipment will have an effect on the performance of your army.

If you are interested in buying Manor Lords in Early Access, you can obtain a copy of the game here:

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