Marvelous! Game Showcase 2023 Key Art
Marvelous! Game Showcase 2023 Key Art
Marvelous! Game Showcase 2023 Key Art | Courtesy of XSEED Games

Marvelous Revelations: New Seasons, New Realms, and More in XSEED Games Showcase 2023!

From Farming to Mech Battles, XSEED Games Sows the Seeds for a Thrilling 2023 Line-up!

Prepare for an absolute cornucopia of gaming goodies, as XSEED Games – the independent-spirited publishing arm of Marvelous USA, Inc – has just shared some marvellous news in their inaugural “Marvelous Game Showcase.” This digital event, chock-full of new and exciting projects, was held under the attentive eye of Marvelous Inc. President and CEO Suminobu Sato, who showcased a flurry of promising titles and updates that should have fans giddy with anticipation.

On the list were the long-standing STORY OF SEASONS and Rune Factory series, a couple of intriguing new IPs, and a sneak peek at the eagerly-awaited sequel to mech action phenomenon DAEMON X MACHINA, intriguingly titled “Titanic Scion.”

Fashion Dreamer

First off, we took a stylish stroll down the catwalk with Fashion Dreamer. Syn Sophia President and CEO Shuji Yoshida joined Sato-san to present the upcoming Nintendo Switch™ title that’s all about creativity, connectivity and free expression. Strutting its stuff with new fashions and social elements, Fashion Dreamer is sure to keep your fingers tapping and creativity flowing this year.

In the stylish and charming realm of “Fashion Dreamer,” players don their designer caps to influence the virtual fashion scene with their unique haute couture. This next-gen fashion game enables you to set up your own brand, designing and flaunting your creations through your Muse. Not only do you have a chance to show off your fashion prowess, but you can also connect with other digital designers, sharing looks, assessing outfits, and racking up Likes to access more unique creative components. Elevating your brand’s profile globally becomes a delightful challenge. Furthermore, the game allows you to personalize your virtual showroom to spotlight your designs, attracting more attention and expanding your influence.

Fashion Dreamer also boasts some exciting key features. The game encourages players to create outfits that attract Likes, enabling them to grow as iconic fashion influencers. Exchanging Likes with other Muses allows you to use their fashion items, either for your own wardrobe or to recommend to other Muses. The game offers a vast customization scope, with over 1400 collectable items that can be tailored to your favorite styles and colours. Perhaps the most exciting feature is the ability to interact with other players’ Muses from around the globe, giving you the chance to grab their unique outfits and possibly make your designs an international sensation.

Fashion Dreamer is a Single Player Experience coming to Nintendo Switch™ this year and the store page is live in the Nintendo eShop.

Project Magia

Next, the team delved into the mysterious PROJECT MAGIA, a venture geared towards breaching “A New Frontier.” With the legendary illustrator Hiro Mashima of Fairy Tail fame on character design duties, it’s safe to say we’re in for some truly stunning visuals.


RPG fans, perk up your ears! PROJECT LIFE is RPG, is a new IP that’s a nostalgic nod to classic Japanese RPGs. Director Ittetsu Suzuki talked us through the RPG-esque elements of life that they’ve used as inspiration for this new game. The sheer anticipation of what this might bring is part of the fun!


Nakano-san, the Series Manager of STORY OF SEASONS, shared exciting news about the next title in the original farm/life simulation series. After 27 years of farming and friendship, the series promises to return with a fresh look and an ambitious new title that’ll bring everyone together.


Then, we were off to the unexplored “Land of the East” with Rune Factory’s PROJECT DRAGON. This new spinoff will let players discover Japanese-styled lands and communities. The west isn’t forgotten either, as confirmation came in that Rune Factory 6 is also in development, set on the western continent of Adonea.


The final revelation, DAEMON X MACHINA: Titanic Scion, promises the return of unforgettable mech action. More details about this highly anticipated sequel will be shared in due course, but the preview was enough to keep us on tenterhooks!

More information about all these titles will be available on the XSEED Games website.

Now, it’s over to you! What’s your take on these upcoming titles? Which one excites you the most? And how do you think these games will shape the future of XSEED Games? Jump into the conversation in the comments below or over on the Gaming.Buzz Community Discord.

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