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Slavic Magic delivers its first major community update

Developers Slavic Magic and publisher Hooded Horse have released Manor Lords’ first major community update. The sweeping post reveals huge changes to almost all areas of the game, ranging from region sizes and zoom levels, to art direction, character reworks, combat, trade and micromanagement.

Most importantly, Manor Lords is officially opening its homestead to a select few closed alpha testers!

The developers behind the highly anticipated medieval city builder have been radio silent for over six months and with this community news update, has delivers a huge milestone in allowing a limited number of players to finally get their hands on the game.

Going into more detail about its newly refined historical vision, Manor Lords’ art direction will now take place at the end of the XIV century. To greater reflect this, many buildings have all been revamped alongside improved character models to better reflect the era.

The update also touches on the retinue system and the greater depth and functionality it offers in arming your people before sending them into battle. Coupled with all new animations, a coat of arms and a banner creator, players can look forward to forming their very own citizens militia.

Key Features

  • Regional Development: Form key trade routes that are defined by how settlements are shaped and developed.
  • Freeform Building: A gridless, organic city-building experience with full freedom of placement and rotation.
  • Real Time Strategy: Experience battles that feel real, with large-scale unit formations, morale, flanking, fatigue, weather conditions, and equipment all coming into play.
  • Expand Your Influence: Claim territory, use diplomacy and grow your influence to form relationships with neighboring Lords.
  • Military Prowess: Utilize a deep, strategic recruitment system to arm, train and manage your armies. From a peasant militia, to skilled mercenaries and heavily armoured retinue forces, you’ll need to train, recruit and fund all of them.

Check out the trailer for Manor Lords below!

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