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Magical Wizard School Adventure “Spells & Secrets” Out Now

The magical rogue-like wizard school game “Spells & Secrets” was released yesterday for PC, PlayStation 5 and Nintendo Switch. Players can play solo or with a friend in local 2-player co-op and embark on an enchanting journey to save the Academy of Greifenstein!

Spells & Secrets | Launch Trailer

Players can create their own aspiring wizarding student with the help of a detailed character creation tool. Educate yourself and learn new skills, figure out how to combine your skills to master the different challenges of the academy. There are different factions you can join in the school and you can learn their signature moves and combat style.

Combat in this game goes beyond simply smashing the attack button. Players can engage in challenging encounters which forces them to use a variety of different spells, combining them in a smart way and managing your health to succeed. And maybe you can save a struggling student on the way?

Your main goal is to develop your powers so you can control the chaos that has befallen the Academy of Greifenstein. You will encounter puzzles and challenging combat with magical creatures, both of which require and reward your creativity in using your skills. If you find yourself struggling, you can find and use powerful artifacts to help you along the way.

The game is built on rogue-like combat but the developers announced that the mechanics will be easy to learn for newcomers to the genre.

If you are interested in buying Spells & Secrets, check out these links below:

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