Trip World DX Collection Key Art
Trip World DX Collection Key Art
Trip World DX Collection Key Art | Courtesy of Limited Run Games

Limited Run Games Teams Up With GDQ for a Dash of Charity in Trip World DX!

Get Your Paws on Trip World DX Foil Edition and Support Doctors Without Borders in the Process

Hey there, gaming enthusiasts! We’re here with some news that’s going to make your heart race faster than a speedrun. Our friends over at Limited Run Games, the masters of video game resurrection, have partnered up with Games Done Quick (GDQ) to power up a good cause. Starting from now until the 11th of June 2023, every foil cover variant of the freshly minted Trip World DX for Switch you snap up, you’re also donating $5 to Doctors Without Borders/Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF).

Now, you can indulge in the thrill of retro gaming and make a difference in the world. Brilliant, isn’t it? Plus, we’ve got a minimum guaranteed donation of $10,000 from the guys at Limited Run! That’s what we call playing for a cause.

We’re talking about Trip World DX, a charming platformer reimagined by Limited Run’s Carbon Team in collaboration with Sunsoft and original Trip World director and producer, Yuichi Ueda. This gem is the very definition of ‘old wine in a new bottle,’ and let us assure you, it’s aged beautifully!

Step into the shoes (or should we say paws) of the lovable bunny-like hero, Yakopoo, and get lost in a whirlwind of superb graphics and an entrancing soundtrack that gives a new life to Game Boy aesthetics. We guarantee you’ll be as captivated by this release as we are, especially with the remastered audio and arrangements, original design documents, and even some behind-the-scenes video interviews. All these goodies in one place? We’re sold!

This fantastic release comes hot on the heels of Limited Run Games being absorbed into the vast Embracer Group under the “Freemode” umbrella. With over 1,000 physical games and exclusive merchandise in their roster, they’ve been the cream of the crop when it comes to preserving the legacy of gaming with their stunning collector’s editions.

So, what are you waiting for? Head over to and make your mark by picking up your very own copy of the Trip World DX Collection. Not only will you be bagging a modern-day classic, but you’ll also be supporting a brilliant cause in the process. Doctors Without Borders is a global force in providing emergency aid to those affected by conflict, epidemics, natural disasters, and exclusion from healthcare. Here’s your chance to level up your gaming experience and make the world a better place.

And don’t forget to tune in to SGDQ’s summer event! There’s a rumour that Limited Run will be donating additional prizes to the event’s sweepstakes. We’re buzzing with anticipation!

We’d love to hear your thoughts on this new gaming adventure and this brilliant initiative! Comment below or join us on our Gaming.Buzz Community Discord. How about a bit of fun, eh? Why don’t you share a screenshot of your favourite level of Trip World DX and tag us! The most interesting screenshot might just get featured on our next post! Let’s get this gaming party started!

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