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Let Us Entertain You: Expeditions: Rome Gets Gladiator-DLC “Death or Glory”

Logic Artists
THQ Nordic
PC (Microsoft Windows)
Release Date
Jan 20, 2022

Logic Artists critically acclaimed CRPG Expeditions: Rome fights its way to victory with its new DLC “Death or Glory”.

Bringing the brutality of the gladiators arena to the forefront with their new Gladiator class, Death or Glory demands you prove your prowess, and prove the prowess of your Praetorian guard. Fight in the sands of the new arenas and battle fearsome champions, lions and much more.

Don your armour as gladiator and enter the arena alongside your praetorian guard to win fame and fortune.

This new DLC provides a new, blood-soaked way to experience the game’s branching story through the 3 new gladiator sub-classes: a tough and heavily armoured Murmillo, a highly mobile and cunning Retiarius, or a morale-manipulating Provocator.

Each region of the campaign now includes a unique arena, with their own questline featuring memorable champions and deadly new enemies, and a brand new Audience Approval system to add more flavour and tactical variety to Expeditions: Rome’s acclaimed combat. You’d better earn that thumbs up, or things might not end quite the way you want them to!

The DLC comes out the gate swinging today, with more than just a new Gladiator class. There are multiple new Arenas to do battle in, new weapons, new armours, new crafting recipes, and new enemies to kill and maim.
Your abilities to customise your character have been increased too, with new cosmetics to equip. You’ll be the best looking gladiator around!

The DLC content will be included in the main campaign, but if you want to immediately storm into the Arena, you can by jumping into the new “Gladiator Mode” in the main menu.

Check out the trailer below!

Ave Imperator, Morituri te salutant!

Hail, Emperor, those who are about to die salute you!

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