The new disturbing adventure Last Days of Lazarus now on Steam

Experience a story filled with supernatural elements of local belief, set in a struggling post-communist Romania

Last Days of Lazarus, a new supernatural adventure game inspired heavily by post-communist Romanian history and their local superstitions, is going to be available on June 22. Play this new, first-person narrative, a game experience that tells a tale of family, of loss and dark secrets, all set on the backdrop of such political turmoil.

“After two and a half years of hard work, I can’t wait for players to get their hands on the game, to get immersed in the story, to get spooked a few times, but most importantly to delve into the emotional journey of a man returning home and reconciliating with his broken family plagued by delusion and sin. Mystery, shocking reveals, catharsis, sorrow, loss, religion, politics, traditions, all these and more await you in the game.”

George Remus Poiana, the game’s director.

After the tragedy of their mother’s suicide, Lazarus returns to the family home to be with his sister, Lyudmila. However, unexplained events make the country and even their reality begin to collapse around them. Death, social unrest and the supernatural all loom on the horizon and threaten his sanity, but Lazarus pushes himself forward to try to find out the truth about his family. Can the family bonds still be upheld and cherished? With so many propaganda and old superstitions twisting his brain, can level headed thinking still be achieved?

The story will see you explore 5 intricately detailed locations inspired by real locations in Romania, all across 8 chapters. You’ll interact with questionable, curious characters, find clues, and and solve the mystery of what happened to this troubled family.

Check out the trailer for Last Days of Lazarus below!

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