Landnáma Key Art
Landnáma Key Art
Landnáma Key Art | Courtesy of Studio Sonderland

Landnama: Journey into the Heart of Viking Iceland in Sonderland’s Latest Game Demo

Sonderland Studios, creators of unique, minimalist games, unveil their latest project Landnama, a non-violent Viking survival builder.

Embrace the challenging winds of the north with “Landnama,” a unique Viking-themed survival base builder launched by Sonderland Studios. In this non-violent, rogue-like city builder, players will guide the first Viking clans as they establish their homes in the harsh, yet captivating environment of Iceland. Anticipation is building as the countdown to “Winter’s Toll” begins, a time of trial and challenge within the game’s world.

Uniquely, “Landnama” introduces a Viking experience devoid of the typical combat and raiding one might expect from the genre. Instead, it focuses on the often-overlooked aspects of Viking culture: farming, exploration, and construction. This exciting new take demands keen attention and strategy to ensure survival in an environment as serene as it is demanding.

Landnama | Alpha Trailer

A major feature of “Landnama” is the single-resource economy, revolving around a resource known as “Heart.” Heart can be earned and spent in a multitude of ways, affording players a range of strategic decisions to shape their Viking settlement. Whether you prefer to delve into the heart of the wilderness with a hunting clan or create a bustling production hub through focused construction, Landnama ensures every strategy is viable.

Sonderland Studios is a trio of dads and close friends hailing from Germany, France, and Canada. Their diverse backgrounds and perspectives on gaming converge in a shared passion for creating minimalist, engaging games that they themselves enjoy playing. They’re certainly a group to watch in the gaming world.

Their highly-anticipated demo of “Landnama” has been released and is available for testing on Steam. If this sounds like your kind of game, why not venture forth and try it out?

Are you excited to play Landnama? How would you lead your Viking clan? Which strategies would you employ to survive the Winter’s Toll? Share your experiences and strategies in the comments below or join our lively discussions in the Gaming.Buzz Community Discord.

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