Land of the Vikings: Logo with Brass Text
Land of the Vikings: Logo with Brass Text
Land of the Vikings: image courtesy of Iceberg Interactive

Land of the Vikings Full Release To Set Sail Next Month

Land of the Vikings is a new survival colony sim with a Viking theme, which is set to release on the 9th of October 2023. The game has been in Early Access since November 2022 and has gotten 3 major updates as well as lots of smaller improvements during this period. Players who purchase the release version of the game within the first week after release will be able to get the game at Early Access price with a 25% discount! So if you are interested in Land of the Vikings, make sure to wishlist the game to be notified.

Land of the Vikings – Official Steam Early Access Trailer

Land of the Vikings has special challenges in store for players. The lands are harsh and good resource management is essential to survive the relentless winters. Cut down trees, cultivate crops, go hunting, find precious ores in the earth, and fish in the seas and fjords with your settlers. If you manage these conditions well, you can grow your settlement and watch it flourish.

All the villagers in your settlement have a unique personality based on 20 individual characteristics. This means that you can assign tasks based on skills and use this to plan your workforce strategically. New members will ask to join your clan eventually and you can decide whether it is time to welcome them or turn them away. As time goes on, the people in your settlement will establish families.

Land of the Vikings also features weather and disasters that can include storm, blizzards, ice cold. You can prepare for these conditions, for example by stockpiling enough firewood.

Buildings can be created, edited and built freely and without restrictions. You can even personalise the colour of your ships to show everyone who you are from a distance.

You will earn Fame while you play, and you can use this in order to unlock new structures and bonuses at Yggdrasil – the tech tree of life. You can develop this to brew beer and create a cosy tavern culture, for example. These upgrades will influence the quality of life in your settlement.

You can play Land of the Vikings now and enjoy the full release update in October, or you can wishlist it and get a notification on release.

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