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Aug 09, 2021
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Corrupt the political machine running the Big Apple when ‘Shadow Government’ launches next month.

Kasedo Games and SomaSim have announced today the next massive expansion for City of Gangsters. Due to release on June 15, 2022, the new update “Shadow Government” adds the shady world of political corruption to the game.

With the ability to buy off city officials and manipulate the laws for your benefit, Shadow Government drastically changes the gameplay of City of Gangsters. You’re not just breaking laws anymore, you’re making them. And directly influencing the new map in the great city of New York.

With all-new mechanics you are able to finance election campaigns with your ill-gotten gains, and use your control over your parts of the city to ‘ensure’ a high volume of voters who might just happen to all vote in a certain way.

Once the local city council members are your puppets, you can pull on their strings to get them to enact – or repeal – various city laws that can help your outfit or hurt your opponents.

The benefits of having your hands on the political landscape of the city will only increase as your grasp tightens. Who knows how much power, how much influence you’ll one day claim. Perhaps one day the mayor of the entire city will be nothing but a pawn to you.

Five new outfit packs are also being released alongside the release of the ‘Shadow Government’ expansion, with new content for gangs of various nationalities, German, English, Italian, Polish and Irish will now have specific patriotic outfit options with which to better identify them.

New skills, operations, vehicles, missions, national colours/symbols and legacy goals are added in the different outfit packs to strengthen your national pride as you go about increasing your power across American cities. 

Check out the trailer for City of Gangsters below.

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