Crime O'Clock | image courtesy of Just For Games

It’s Crime O’Clock On The Nintendo Switch

Crime O’Clock is the latest Where’s Waldo-style detective game with a fun twist – using time travel to prevent crimes before they happen!

The game was released today on Nintendo Switch and will be released for PC in less than a month on the 21st of July 2023.

YouTube: Crime O’Clock – Launch Trailer – Nintendo Switch

You play as a time detective and travel through time to solve crimes that shouldn’t have happened – including murder, hacking, theft, and more. The detective can select multiple time markers at each location to visit them and gather clues to solve the case. However, investigations are not as peaceful as they should be… A common thread of strange events unravels throughout time and you will find yourself confronted with someone who seeks to disturb time itself.

Crime O’Clock is a point-and-click game based on deduction and puzzle elements. If you find yourself stuck, an AI-based system called EVE can provide guidance. EVE can be upgraded with new tools as the game progresses.

If you are interested in playing Crime O’Clock, you can buy the game here:

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