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PC (Microsoft Windows), PS4, Xbox One
Release Date
Sept 01, 2020

Dive back into the World of the alternate 1920 with an entirely new game mode and new missions

The trenches of the highly acclaimed Iron Harvest are calling again as the award winning RTS gets even bigger with a completely free add-on that will introduce the World Map Campaign as well as 40 completely new missions to complete.

The first of 3 updates releases today for PC, with the console updates following a little later down the line.

The World Map Campaigns offer players an exciting way to experience the rich and varied alternate history world that Iron Harvest takes place in. Nations in conflict must fight to protect themselves and their allies, and to gain stable control over the territory available. The rules are simple, but the tactical depth on offer comes with its own learning curve and provides players with many different options, many different ways to optimize their grand strategy.

The scenarios bring many more challenging single player missions to the game. With several re-newed mission types, and over 40 new missions in total, the game will have you playing the standard “Destroy the HQ” type mission, as well as something a little more abstract. Capture the flag with your gigantic dieselpunk mechs, anyone? On top of all this, the new missions have a reworked enemy AI that will adapt to your techniques, and keep you on your toes.

There are several different configurations of the world map for the player to choose from, each with different tactical divisions of the territory, each with different victory conditions. If these aren’t to your liking, each world map will also offer a custom campaign editor, allowing players to set up their very own version of the world map for them to conquer.

On top of that, the new 3v3 multiplayer/skirmish map Forgotten Fortress will lead players into the hazardous desert of Arabia. Together with the latest balancing and stability improvements, this update expands Iron Harvest even further, making it one of the largest RTS games on the market.

Check out the trailer for the Iron Harvest World Map update below!

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