Green alien looking humanoid with the text "We Are Eva"
Green alien looking humanoid with the text "We Are Eva"
We Are Eva | image courtesy of Totally Normal Creature

Interdimensional Platformer “We Are Eva” Out Now

The precision platformer We Are Eva has been released today on the platform Steam. With its charming concept of interdimensional travel and playing in multiple dimensions simultaneously, the game may be just the right thing for you if you are looking for a fourth-wall breaking experience.

Join Eva on her quest to save the shattered worlds you will encounter on your journey. We Are Eva includes over 100 unique and dynamic levels within 9 worlds, that you can travel through at will. The worlds do not just look different, they also each have their own distinct gameplay features.

Players are able to move through the game in any order they like, the game does not dictate a path that needs to be beaten. When you die, the levels change so you will be able to enjoy a fresh experience every time.

Watch the trailer down below for a better idea of what the game looks like:

The game is out now and is currently only available for PC via Steam.
If you are interested in playing We Are Eva, you can purchase the game here:

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