Indie Spring Spree banner
Indie Spring Spree banner
Indie Spring Spree - image courtesy of RedDeerGames

Indie Spring Spree Continues

The last part of the Indie Spring Spree Event from RedDeer.Games for the Nintendo Switch is almost upon us. 

First is 7Horizons, a pixel-art sci-fi game with boss fights and puzzles, relaxing gameplay and background music

On 9th June you can get your hands on Dogotchi: look after your digital pupper so it grows into an adorable and happy doggo. The pixelated display look very familiar to anyone who has hatched a little alien in their pocket in years gone by,

Cave of Past Sorrow is up next on 16th June. A fast paced action game with time loops, platforms, plenty of shooting and a retro aesthetic.

23rd June’s release is a surprise – we know only that it’s a ‘cartoonish, text-based RPG’. RedDeer.Games is set to announce more about this one on 5th June, so we’ll keep an eye out for that, and the discounts on the others in the Nintendo Switch eShop.

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