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Imaflankers Prime Day Finds | July 2023

Prime Day is here and there are a lot of deals to be had, though some are significantly more tempting than others so I thought I’d compile a list of the kit I use and the deals I’ve bought during Prime Day for the team and I.

If you have any questions about any of the gear here drop on by the Community Discord and I’ll be happy to help if I can. As always remember that a deal is only a good one if you will actually use the item, you need it or you would have bought it anyway and there are always more sales. It’s also worth knowing the best deals tend to be on older items where a new model will come out soon, items with wider margins (like peripherals), higher ticket items, and storage. Finally, beware of deals that aren’t really great deals where you can find the item at around the same price anyway, don’t let the fear of missing out make you buy things you don’t need in a panic.

Let’s jump in!

My Daily Use Gear

This is gear that I have on my desk or in my office that I use every day that I’d recommend to others and I’m happy with.

SteelSeries Aerox 5 Mouse

I’ve picked the Aerox 5 as a mouse to test drive as it’s the opposite of the mice I had been using, I was meant to try it for a few weeks… that was a year ago.

I have large hands and I like a full-size mouse that’s comfortable to use, when traveling I’ve used Logitech’s fantastic but heavy M510 for years, so I thought the opposite end of the weight spectrum would be interesting to try and I thought I would hate not having that weighty durable feel but I really, really like the Aerox 5. It has great build quality, the matte finish is great to grip, the 9 programmable buttons are really handy for work and play and it’s water resistant which is just a nice, and surprising addition for a honeycomb mouse.

The MSRP for the Aerox 5 wired version is £79.99 but it’s regularly on Amazon for £49.99 and it’s on sale as part of Prime Day for £43.99, which is a nice but not huge addition discount.

The Aerox 5 is also available in a wireless version I’m going to be trying which has an MSRP of £129.99 but is regularly available at between £80-90 but has a pretty steep discount to £62.99 for Prime Day, which if PlanofaTAK is reading this, I definitely haven’t bought and I’ll get the door in the morning…

Amazon | SteelSeries Aerox 5 Wired Gaming Mouse *

Amazon | SteelSeries Aerox 5 Wireless Gaming Mouse *

Fellowes Memory Foam Wrist Rest

Fellowes Memory Foam Wrist Rest

I know, I know it’s not the sexiest gaming gear but being as I spend the vast majority of my life at my desk between writing, working, and streaming this is something I will loudly recommend to everyone.

I’ve tried a lot of wrist rests over the years and this is by far my favourite for keyboards, the memory foam is firm with the right amount of give, the fabric is a nice quality and stops you from getting sweaty wrists in the ever warmer summer months and it can be easily cleaned with a microfibre cloth and water. A great value addition that can help to prevent you from doing yourself an injury.

The MSRP is £15.98 and I’ve regularly bought them at that price (I may have a few of these for everywhere I work) and they are on sale today for £9.80 on Amazon UK.

Amazon | Fellowes Memory Foam Wrist Rest *

Memory Foam Mouse Wrist Rest

Memory Foam Mouse Wrist Rest

While we’re talking about wrist rests this is the one I use for my mouse, I really like the grove in the bottom of it that reduces pressure on the bottom of my wrist and it features the same memory foam cushioning and fabric at the Fellowes keyboard wrist rest does, I have four of these, again one for travel and everywhere I work and it feels really strange when I’m not using one now and this type can normally be found for between £10-14 when you can get them and are worth the money at that price.

Amazon | Memory Foam Mouse Wrist Rest *

SwitchBot WiFi Thermometer Hygrometer Plus

SwitchBot WiFi Thermometer Hygrometer Plus

Another daily use item that’s not really gaming related but I really like this thermometer, it sits on my desk under my screen and lets me keep track of how warm and humid it is and makes me think to take steps to make it more comfortable, a silly thing I know but I’ve found it really helps. With an MSRP of £21.99, it’s regularly on sale for around £19 and is currently on sale for £16.49 which saves you enough money to buy a coffee.

Amazon | SwitchBot WiFi Thermometer Hygrometer Plus *

SwitchBot Blind Tilt

SwitchBot Blind Tilt & SwitchBot Remote One Touch Button

I have a set of blinds up on the window behind my desk to prevent glare and for privacy in the evening which I adjust a lot throughout the day. This is a neat solution that’s self-charging and easy to install that lets me adjust them without having to turn away from what I’m doing, extravagant I know. I originally picked this up thinking it would never get used for a Smart Home article we have planned but I genuinely really like it and I’d miss it if wasn’t there.

With an MSRP of £69.99, it’s certainly not cheap but at the Prime Day price of £47.59 it’s a little more reasonable and lets you pick up the SwitchBot Remote One Touch Button which lets you control it without having to hunt through the app (MSRP £19.99, currently £14.99) for less than it would normally cost on its own.

Amazon | SwitchBot Blind Tilt *

Amazon | SwitchBot Remote One Touch Button *

BenQ ScreenBar Plus Monitor Light

BenQ ScreenBar Plus Monitor Light

Another desk luxury of mine I love is the BenQ ScreenBar Plus Monitor light, it’s a very high-quality light bar that sits neatly over my central monitor with a wired remote and illuminated your desk without causing glare on your screen. You can easily adjust the brightness and white balance and if, like me, you have a desk where you are between the light and your desk these are fantastic and standard issue gear for all of our team.

If you’re feeling really fancy BenQ also have a with a wireless controller that also illuminates the rear of your setup too which PlanofaTAK has been using.

The BenQ ScreenBar Plus has an MSRP of £119 and is currently on sale for £107.10. The BenQ ScreenBar Halo LED Monitor Light has an MSRP of £149 and is currently on sale for £141.55.

Amazon | BenQ ScreenBar Plus Monitor Light *

Amazon | BenQ ScreenBar Halo LED Monitor Light *

Tobii Eye Tracker 5

Tobii Eye Tracker 5

The Tobii Eye Tracker 5 is something I’ve enjoyed using with its overlay on stream to show where I’m looking when playing games and does have integrations with some games though it needs quite a bit of tweaking inside those games to not have the tracker moving your view constantly. I think this works best with a single screen set up but it does the job and does accurately track your eyes.

This isn’t something I think everyone needs but if you have had your eye on it it’s currently on sale at £239 a 20% saving on its normal MSRP of £299.

Amazon | Tobii Eye Tracker 5 *

Dry Erase Playing Cards

Dry Erase Blank Playing Cards

These small laminated cards from Apostrophe Games are Dry erasable on the front and back, easy to wipe clean, so you can use them over and over again, and are great for everything from making notes around your desk to keeping track of your tabletop games.

Amazon UK | Whiteboard Cards *
Amazon US | Whiteboard Cards *
Amazon NL | Whiteboard Cards *

I’ll keep adding to this round-up with more requests if I spot good deals on any of the other gear I’m using now and if you’ve spotted a deal you think I’ve missed let me know in Discord.

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