HypeSquad NA Server Test Key Art
HypeSquad NA Server Test Key Art
HypeSquad NA Server Test Key Art | Courtesy of Netmarble

HypeSquad: The Next Big Thing In Battle Royale? Get Involved In The NA Server Focus Test Now!

Netmarble's latest Battle Royale TPS game, HypeSquad, begins its longest test period yet on NA Servers. Grab your demo on Steam and join the fray!

If you’ve been keeping your ear to the ground in the world of Battle Royale, then you’ve probably heard the whispers about Netmarble’s latest title, HypeSquad. Well, guess what? The time for whispers is over, because the NA Server Focus Test is kicking off today at 7 P.M PDT, and it’s running all the way through till May 29!

Netmarble, the titans behind some of the most immersive gaming experiences we’ve seen, are offering the most extended testing phase yet for HypeSquad. And what’s more, they’re listening! That’s right; they’ve taken on board feedback from you, the players, and have made some bold changes to the game.

If you’re a sucker for rewards, then you’re in for a treat. Character skins, weapon skins, and emotes earned during the Battle Pass Beta will carry over to the grand launch. The Battle Pass System itself is undergoing an upgrade, with Pass Points gained through match play and completing missions, leading to all sorts of juicy rewards.

HypeSquad NA Server Focus Test Video

Fancy yourself a bit of a pro? A new Competitive Mode will be available, with tiers ranging from Rookie all the way to Platinum. The more you play, the more you can earn, so keep pushing those grades!

Now, let’s chat about some of the changes. The Augmenter, Vending Machine, and Hype Point Systems are out, replaced by a new Level-up System. This update is all about that sweet, sweet close-ranged combat. Experience can be earned through defeating other players or engaging with the new PVE elements, the Patrol Robot and Vainin.

Speaking of combat, you’ll now be able to carry only one weapon at a time. This change is meant to shift the focus on mastering one weapon instead of constantly swapping artillery.

Fancy a bit of a brawl after the final round in Survival Mode? Well, good news! Extra time will be added after the final round, with a safe zone that won’t shrink. This gives you the chance to truly decide the battle’s outcome through combat, rather than a safe-zone standoff.

There’s also a fun little event happening until June 5 – the HypeSquad AI Fan Art event. Have a go at creating your own character images and who knows? Your design could inspire future skins in the game! Just hop on over to the official HypeSquad Discord channel to participate.

We’re excited about HypeSquad, with its thrilling close-quarters combat and strategic elements. We reckon it’s shaping up to be a must-play title for any Battle Royale fan.

So what are you waiting for? Head over to Steam, download the demo, and get stuck in! Let us know what you think about the game in the comments below or share your thoughts on the Gaming.Buzz Community Discord. We can’t wait to hear about your epic HypeSquad experiences!

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