The Shape of Things Key Art
The Shape of Things Key Art
The Shape of Things Key Art | Courtesy of Hyper Three Studio

Hyper Three Studio’s ‘The Shape of Things’ Promises Chill Vibes and Nifty Puzzles

From the creators of 'Tiny Lands' comes a laid-back puzzler, set to drop on the 26th of May. Get ready to embrace your inner child with some gacha-fun and Rubik's-inspired challenges.

Hey there, fellow gaming enthusiasts! Pull up a chair, grab a cuppa, and let’s have a natter about Hyper Three Studio’s upcoming gem, ‘The Shape of Things,’ set to hit the shelves later this month.

Hot off the press, Hyper Three has announced the 26th of May as the official release date for their latest brain-teasing puzzle game. And if their previous title, ‘Tiny Lands’, is anything to go by, we’re in for a real treat.

‘The Shape of Things’ takes the basics of a Rubik’s cube, adds a dash of real-life object puzzles, shakes it up, and serves it in the form of adorable gachapon collectables. You’ll be rotating, panning, and scaling objects to find their original shape. Each solved puzzle brings you in-game coins, and here’s the kicker – you get to spend these on the gacha machine to unlock a brand new world. Talk about a productive way to spend your spare change!

The Shape of Things | Official Trailer

Just like its sibling, ‘Tiny Lands’, ‘The Shape of Things’ is a treat for the eyes, sporting a warm colour palette that’s like a cosy hug on a cold day. But what sets it apart is the gameplay; it’s a whole new ball game, mates.

Best part? It’s a chill game. No pressure, no timers. It’s like the developers knew we’ve had enough of 2023’s curveballs already. You can potter around at your own pace, tweaking the mood of your cosy room by changing the weather and time of day.

And let’s not forget the one-hand feature. With this game, you can hold your hot drink of choice in one hand and play with the other. Now, that’s what we call the perfect wind-down routine.

The Shape of Things is will release on the Steam Store on May 26, 2023 and we’ll provide an updated buyers guide on release day if we find it available from other reputable stores.

So, what’s your take on ‘The Shape of Things’? Are you excited to get your hands on this game? Share your thoughts in the comments below or join the chinwag over at our Gaming.Buzz Community Discord.

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