How to install TFAR (Task Force Radio) for ArmA 3

So, you’ve seen a few of your friends, or a streamer or two using TFAR, and want to give it a go? Here’s a super easy to follow guide for you to get in on the action!

You will need;

1. Subscribe to the mod on the steam workshop;

2. Go to the GitHub;

3. Download and unzip the radio archive.

4. Once unzipped, copy the contents of “TeamSpeak 3 Client” folder into the root folder of TeamSpeak.

5. Do the same with the contents of the “ArmA3” folder into wherever your ArmA 3 folder is saved. (By default–”…\SteamApps\common\ArmA3″.)

6. You now have Teamspeak (TS3) installed.

To connect to our Community Teamspeak Server for the first time follow the steps below:

Go to connections > connect

Server Details can be found at:

You should find yourself here.

When you start the game you need to make sure you have Teamspeak open beforehand and have connected to our community teamspeak server.

When you start the game you should, provided the mods are installed correctly, be automatically pulled into the right room.

Basic controls

Bear in mind, these are rebind-able. I personally have push to talk as one of the side buttons on my mouse. Try out a few setups, see what works for you!

Push⁠-⁠to⁠-⁠talk hotkey in TS    Direct Speech.
Caps LockTo talk on a radio.
Ctrl+Caps LockTo talk on a long range radio.
Ctrl+PTo open the handheld radio interface (the radio must be in the inventory slot). In that case, if you have a number of radios – you can select the one needed. It is also possible to set the radio as active (the one that will be used for transmission). Also it is possible to load radio settings from another radio with same encryption code.
Num [1-8]Rapid switching of shortwave radio channels.
Alt+POpens the long range radio interface – for this action to work, you either have to have long range radio on you, or you have to be in a vehicle as a driver, gunner, or co-pilot. If a number of radios are available – you’ll be asked to choose one. Also, one of them can be set as active. Furthermore, it is possible to load radio settings from another radio with same encryption code.
Ctrl+Num [1-9]Rapid switching of long range radio channels.
Ctrl+TabTo change the direct speech volume. Whispering, Normal or Yelling. Does not affect the signal volume in the radio transmission.
Shift+PTo open an underwater transceiver interface (you should be wearing a rebreather).
Ctrl+~To talk on underwater transceiver.
Ctrl+]Select next handheld radio.
Ctrl+[Select previous handheld radio.
Ctrl+Alt+]Select next long range radio.
Ctrl+Alt+[Select previous long range radio.
Ctrl+[←,↑,→]Change the stereo mode of handheld radio.
Alt+[←,↑,→]Change the stereo mode of long range radio.
TTransmit on additional channel of commander radio.
YTransmit on additional channel of long range radio.
EscTo exit from the radio interface.

Radio Specific Controls

AN/PRC 154 with MicroDAGR





Troubleshooting and problem solving

  • Pipe error 230 – most likely, it means you forgot to enable the plugin in TeamSpeak.

  • If the plugin is red-marked in TS and does not load – you will probably have to update TeamSpeak.

  • If something doesn’t work – try to reload the plugin first – see below

  • Caps Lock actions aren’t working – common issue with use of special gaming keyboards, where Caps Lock code is different. Try changing your key mapping (by editing the userconfig).

  • If due to an error, you are no longer able to hear other players, even outside the game, open Setup 3D Sound in TeamSpeak and click Center All.

  • To eliminate possible errors with the plugin, developers may require your TeamSpeak logs. To copy it, select Tools> Client Log, tick all checkboxes at the top and, by selecting all of the text with Ctrl+A, copy it to the clipboard.

  • If TeamSpeak has stopped working (Heaven forbid!) while using the plugin – it will show a dialog with instructions on where you can find the dump file (information about an error).

If you have TeamSpeak open and connected, and for some reason it isn’t working when you join the ArmA server, try the following.

Resetting the Addon –

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