House Flipper Pets Dog Screenshot
House Flipper Pets Dog Screenshot
House Flipper Pets Dog Screenshot | Courtesy of Frozen Way

House Flipper’s Exciting New Updates and DLCs Launch on Nintendo Switch

Renovation lovers can soon enhance their House Flipper experience on Switch with the upcoming 'New Beginning' update and two new DLCs!

Get ready, Nintendo Switch fans! The popular home renovation simulator, House Flipper, is bringing some exciting new content to your favourite portable console. The ‘New Beginning’ update and two new DLCs – Garden and Pets – are soon to be released. These additions aim to deepen your gameplay and help you unleash your creative potential anywhere, anytime.

Originally launched in 2018 on PC, House Flipper was released on Nintendo Switch in 2020. Since then, the game has garnered a dedicated fan base among Nintendo users who will be thrilled to hear about the latest updates coming their way on 28th May 2023. Not far behind, the Pets and Garden DLCs will arrive on the platform on the 30th of May at 6:00 AM (CEST – Europe) / 3:00 PM (PDT – USA).

House Flipper allows players to don the hat of a one-person renovation crew. With this ‘New Beginning’ update, you’ll find your gaming experience to be even more engaging and immersive. It brings not just additional items and jobs but new mechanics, improved graphics, and control upgrades. Now you can buy new properties such as a castle, a moon base, a winter villa, and an island house. Besides these, there are several more features waiting to enhance your flipping experience.

For those of you who fancy furry friends, the Pets DLC lets you choose from a wide array of animals – from popular breeds of dogs and cats to exotic species like iguanas, spiders, or snakes. This DLC also brings new jobs, ranch-style houses, and around 700 items to add warmth to your interiors.

Gardening enthusiasts can look forward to the Garden DLC. With it, you can transform any desolate yard into a beautiful garden, right from your Nintendo Switch. This DLC includes 18 new jobs, 3 houses, over 600 items including more than 250 plant species, and 8 brand new mechanics.

Frozen Way and Frozen District, the creative minds behind House Flipper, have ensured that these updates and DLCs serve their purpose – bringing joy to the gaming community. Working in association with professional gardeners and prioritising accessibility, these teams have strived to create an enhanced gaming experience for all House Flipper fans.

The House Flipper – Pets DLC and House Flipper – Garden DLC are both available on the Nintendo eShop.

Now, it’s time for you, the players, to flip the switch! Head over to House Flipper’s official pages for more information about the Pets DLC and Garden DLC. Also, keep an eye on the official website at for further updates.

We can’t wait to hear about your experiences with these new additions to House Flipper on Nintendo Switch. Don’t forget to drop your thoughts in the comments section below, or join our lively discussions in the Gaming.Buzz Community Discord. It’s always more fun gaming together!

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