House Flipper 2 | image courtesy of Frozen District

House Flipper 2 Now Available on Xbox And Playstation

After launching on PC in December last year, House Flipper 2 is now available on consoles (Xbox & PlayStation). The console version comes complete with the latest patches and updates. Buckle up and flip some houses today!

You can watch the console launch trailer here:

House Flipper 2 is out on consoles – PS5 & Xbox Series X/S

With all features from the Spring & Floor is Lava update, players can dive right in and enjoy the following new additions:

  • New items: spread stylish carpets like tiles, hang comforting curtains, place cosy pillows, and light up a realistic fireplace.
  • Enhanced mechanics: feel rejuvenated after sleeping in a bed, sell stairs and roofs directly, and resize objects comfortably from Flipper Mode.
  • More adventures: say hello to four new buyers, explore a new house up for sale, embark on a new mission order, and help your friends to transform their house into a spa.

Additionally, a sandbox mode is available where you can create your dream house free of restrictions.

If you love House Flipper 2, you can purchase one of the collector items available for the console version of the game:

If you would like to purchase a digital copy of the game on consoles, you can do so here:

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