Horror Stories: Harvest Hunt Key Art
Horror Stories: Harvest Hunt Key Art
Horror Stories: Harvest Hunt Key Art | Courtesy of Villainous Games Studio

Horror Stories: Harvest Hunt – Seeking Light in the Shadows of Luna Nova

Stealth, Survival, and Sacrifice Await in Villainous Games Studio's Latest Nightmarish Creation

As the long shadow of a cursed evening descends over the fateful village of Luna Nova, players will find themselves embroiled in a tense battle of survival in Villainous Games Studio’s newly announced title, Horror Stories: Harvest Hunt. This stealth survival horror game offers a blood-curdling sneak peek via a demo debuting during the esteemed Steam Next Fest on the 19th of June.

Horror Stories: Harvest Hunt marries the replayability of roguelites with the heart-stopping tension characteristic of the horror genre. Players assume the mantle of a Warden, an ambrosia harvester tasked with outsmarting the Devourer, a formidable foe shrouded in Luna Nova’s cornfields. Strategy, adaptability, and a steady heartbeat will determine whether you’ll survive to see the light of another day.

Horror Stories: Harvest Hunt – Announcement Trailer

Unique challenges wait in the wings each evening. Health sacrifice for game-changing tools is a crucial decision before embarking on each nocturnal endeavour. As the moon rises, fate is dealt through a deck of cards that may bestow mysterious abilities, fortunate twists, and game-altering modifiers.

From the spectral sound design by acclaimed composer Jeff Broadbent (Resident Evil, Assassin’s Creed) to the spine-chilling, hand-drawn environments, Horror Stories: Harvest Hunt promises a nerve-wracking journey through the eerie farmlands of Luna Nova.

Horror Stories: Harvest Hunt will launch on PC in 2023. The brave or simply curious can confront their fears with the game’s demo during the Steam Next Fest on June 19th. Interested parties can Wishlist Horror Stories: Harvest Hunt on Steam today.

Key Features:

  • Stealth: Gameplay that focuses on sneaking, hiding, and creeping in the darkness as you find your way around the dangerous cornfields of Luna Nova.
  • Survival: Sacrifice health to gain helpful tools, face Luna Nova’s hostile environment, and harvest precious resources for the survival of your village, all while confronting a monster vastly stronger than you.
  • Strategy: Risk-and-reward situations encourage smart decision-making, adaptability, and countering different elements with appropriate tools and strategies.
  • Roguelite: Play over multiple 10-15 minute runs and tailor your deck by choosing tools that counter each night’s randomized challenges.
  • Narrative: Embody a colorful cast of characters, piecing together their stories, personalities, and the truth of Luna Nova’s curse through the fragments of the villagers’ past.

About Villainous Games Studio

The creative force behind the Horror Stories Anthology, Villainous Games Studio prides itself on designing distinctive and polished horror games. The studio is known for its commitment to inclusivity, a diverse team, and a healthy ‘no crunch’ philosophy. At its core, it believes in creating a positive and productive work environment to bring its visionary games to life.

Horror Stories: Harvest Hunt is available now to wishlist on Steam with a 2023 expected release.

Before we sign off, we challenge you to share your survival strategies and thoughts on Horror Stories: Harvest Hunt! How do you plan on evading the dreaded Devourer? What tools will you select to aid in your midnight hunt? Leave your comments below, or join the conversation on the Gaming.Buzz Community Discord. We’re eager to hear from you!

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