House Flipper 2 | image courtesy of Frozen District

Home Renovation Simulator “House Flipper 2” Released Today

After the huge success of the first House Flipper game developed by Frozen District, the publisher is excited to announce that the second installment of the series is now released. House Flipper 2 has even more advanced graphics, more detailed house flipping mechanics, and more customisation options than ever before.

Official Release Trailer – House Flipper 2

In House Flipper 2, your main goal is to transform neglected properties into shining homes, just like in House Flipper 2. But this time, we get even more renovation tools, a broader selection of customisation options and furniture.

And the best improvement may be the new sandbox mode, where you can build and renovate to your heart’s delight!

In addition to indulging in the satisfaction of renovating, players will also have to manage their time, money, and, of course, client demands.

Fans of the franchise can now pre-order a physical edition of the game or buy a special themed controller for their Xbox Series X.

You can now purchase a copy of House Flipper 2 here:

House Flipper 2 will come to PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X|S in 2024.

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