Hell Let Loose Key Art
Hell Let Loose Key Art
Hell Let Loose Key Art | Courtesy of Black Matter

Hell Let Loose’s Update 14 Launch: Battlefield Comms Gets Revolutionary Non-Verbal Tools

Experience World War II gaming like never before as Black Matter and Team17 announce major updates to their flagship title, Hell Let Loose

We’ve got some big news to share. Hell Let Loose’s Update 14 has just gone live, and with it comes a host of improvements and features that promise to take your WWII gaming experience to a whole new level.

First off, the developers at Black Matter are making communication on the battlefield even more inclusive with non-verbal communication tools. Not everyone has access to a mic or the chance to use one during gameplay, so these new tools will be a godsend, offering a fresh way for players to communicate. This includes a handy radial wheel that neatly organises essential comms into categories, such as requests, responses, information, and actions. By simply holding down the scroll wheel (or left d-pad on consoles), players can select their chosen comm.

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The communication isn’t just for the chit-chat lovers amongst us, either. Update 14 introduces a new point-and-ping system to keep your teammates aware of vital ammo and supply box locations. After all, we all know the importance of a well-stocked ammunition dump in the heat of battle!

And the good news doesn’t stop there! Our friends at Black Matter have taken this opportunity to improve player locomotion and rifle animations. Whether you’re sprinting into a headfirst dive to prone or weaving around obstacles, you’ll be moving with even more realism than before. As a cherry on top, you’ll notice the revamped rifle animation set which creates a more natural-looking movement and poses.

Update 14 also has a generous sprinkling of player-friendly improvements, like a clear breakdown of your XP earnings and a Vote to Kick system for console players. If you’ve been finding yourself wondering how to earn more XP or frustrated with disruptive players, these updates are for you.

One more thing we can’t skip over: a set of stylish new DLCs. This update treats you to the Jericho Cap and the Cavalry Coat, perfect for keeping your Soviet soldiers warm in those icy battlefields. It’s all in the details, right?

And did we mention the new branding? Yep, Hell Let Loose has a refreshed logo that’s going live across all their channels, ensuring the community continues to grow and express its unique identity.

So, what does all this mean for Hell Let Loose? Essentially, Update 14 underlines the unique, player-driven nature of the game, reinforcing its identity as a hardcore WWII first-person shooter. This update is set to give the community an even deeper level of engagement and excitement, from the battlefields of Carentan to the forests of Foy and it’s all Cross Platform so you can play on Console or PC together.

While we’re on the topic of changes, we’d be remiss not to mention a small adjustment to Hell Let Loose’s price tag. As the developers at Black Matter continue to enhance and expand the game with new updates and future content, the base price will be nudged up by five units in your local currency. This price change will come into effect shortly after the release of Update 14.

Black Matter says the upcoming price adjustment reflects the added value brought to the game with these fresh improvements and additions. So, if you’ve got friends who’ve been considering jumping into the fray, now’s the perfect time for them to join in. It’s an excellent opportunity to round up your mates and prepare them for the exciting new battles on the horizon.

Now, here’s our challenge for you: As you dive into these new features and improvements, share your thoughts in the comments below or join the Gaming.Buzz Community Discord. We’re eager to hear your experiences, stories, and thoughts about Update 14!

So, ready to try out Update 14 for yourself? Strap on your helmet, and we’ll see you on the battlefield!

  1. With the launch of Update 14 Hell Let Loose has worked to add a whole new faction as the British join the war. Now a total of 4 factions can be played including the originals Germany and USA and later the Russians, now the 4th has been released adding in a whole new arsenal of weapons and vehicles.

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