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Hardspace: Shipbreaker exits Early Access and releases on PC May 24!

Blackbird Interactive
Focus Entertainment
PC (Microsoft Windows)
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Release Date
May 24 2022
Where To Buy

Blackbird Interactive and Focus Entertainment are proud to announce the release date of Hardspace: Shipbreaker: May 24.

The highly acclaimed salvage game has been in early access for a while now, and with two years of regular updates, bugfixes, and gameplay additions, they have decided to bring it out of early access and into a fully released game. The 1.0 version will be releasing across Steam, the Windows Store, and PC Gamepass.

Prepare to roll up your sleeves and get dirty in the dangerous world of deep-space salvage.

You play a blue collar worker, set to task to salvage the drifting husks of decommissioned spaceships. You’ll be breaking down and pulling apart ships while having to contend with the distinct lack of gravity in space. All while taking part in a campaign where your gracious employer – the LYNX Megacorporation – may not be all they claim to be. (It’s the future, and it’s a megacorp. not much of a surprise they’re a little bit evil!) You’ll have to earn cash to upgrade your tools, tools that will allow you to take on contracts for more and more valuable ships. All to pay back your frankly astronomical debt to the company. All without becoming another shipbreaking fatality.

Every vessel is unique, and will require different techniques to break down efficiently. A creative mindset will help you earn your dough, and will help further your illustrious career in ship decommissioning.

If the day-to-day grind becomes a bit much, you can simply enjoy the act of destruction in freeplay, with no limits on tool use, or having to worry about anything other than the sweet, sweet sight of destruction.

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