Gothic Classic | image courtesy of THQ Nordic

Gothic Classic Arrived On Nintendo Switch

Gothic is a legend within the RPG genre – and players can now experience Gothic Classic on Nintendo Switch!

Gothic Classic Switch Port | Release Trailer

Gothic, first released in 2001, is a timeless fantasy RPG game in which you are being thrown into a raging conflict across the Kingdom of Myrtana – as a prisoner. Those who break the law are sentenced to mine ore to speed up weapon production for the war against the Orcs, and you are among these unfortunate souls. Settle in, survive, improve your skills and join a camp to choose a side in the conflict.

The game is set in a large open world in which you will experience a lively society where people go to work, go to bed, eat, and fight to survive. Players can choose from a great variety of weapons and learn magic to use spells. Character development is possible through teachers that can be found throughout the game world.

The original release of Gothic earned the game many favourable reviews and it received a Game of the Year (2001) award from Game Star. Additionally, Gothic received the award for Best Game World.

If you want to experience this adventure on Nintendo Switch, you can now buy the game here:

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