A pixel art frog in a suit with the words Sticky Business written over their head.
A pixel art frog in a suit with the words Sticky Business written over their head.
Sticky Business | image courtesy of Assemble Entertainment

Got A Mild Sticker Addiction? Sticky Business Lets You Run Your Own Sticker Shop!

Coming to PC later this summer, Sticky Business lets you relax with the most wholesome activity on earth: making your own stickers!

The game was first shown as part of the Cozy & Family Friendly Games Celebration and incorporates every defining feature of a cosy and wholesome game. In Sticky Business, you are being tasked with running your own small business. You can choose from thousands of design options to create your own sticker sets and sell them to make your customer’s days. You can even include small gifts in your shipment for the customers! The aim of the game is to grow your business and watch how your stickers make your customers happy. You can unlock more stickers as you play and upgrade your products, for example by adding fancy effect foils.

Twitch Streamers can look forward to a Twitch integration that lets viewers request orders from the streamer that they can then prepare in-game.

If this pastel coloured relaxing business management game sounds like a match made in heaven for you, you can mark the 10th of June 2023 in your calendars – this is when an exclusive demo of the game will be part of Wholesome Direct. The full game will be released some time later this summer, you can wishlist the game on Steam now to receive a notification when it is available.

YouTube: Sticky Business | Announcement Trailer

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