Gord Key Art | Courtesy of Team17 Digital

Gord: A Dark Fantasy Strategy Game Coming to Consoles and Steam This Summer

Team17 Digital and Covenant.dev have announced the upcoming launch of Gord, a dark fantasy strategy game coming to PlayStation®5, Xbox Series X|S, and Steam this summer. The game will immerse players in a world of primordial beings, horrifying beasts, and powerful incantations. With a team that includes former Frostpunk and The Witcher 3 developers, Gord promises to deliver an unforgettable experience for fans of the genre.

In Gord, players will take on the role of the Tribe of the Dawn and lead them to survival and conquest. Players will have to manage their settlements, also known as “gords”, by overseeing the hunger, disease, and trauma of their citizens. They must train their people for battle and protect them from invading tribes and monsters lurking within the surrounding woods. Players will also embark on a wide range of life-threatening quests, uncover ancient secrets, and vanquish deadly scourges.

One of the most intriguing aspects of Gord is its unique sanity system. Players must keep a close eye on their townsfolk as everything from illness to hunger and the death of kin can have a devastating impact on their lives and well-being. In addition, players will have access to a variety of offensive and defensive spells to tip combat in their favor.

Gord features a hand-crafted campaign mode, where players can take on a wide variety of quests and random encounters that lead them deep into the wilderness. The game also offers a custom scenarios mode with procedurally generated levels, where players can create their own challenges and customize their playthroughs.

The game promises to offer an immersive and lore-rich dark fantasy adventure that will keep players engaged for hours. The game’s official trailer is now available on YouTube, where players can catch a glimpse of what’s in store for them.

Overall, Gord looks like a promising title for strategy game fans who love to delve into dark and immersive worlds. The game’s mix of resource management, base building, and questing looks like it will offer a unique experience that’s worth checking out when it releases this summer.

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