Golf With Your Friends -Teams Mode | image courtesy of Team17

Golf With Your Friends – New Team Mode Released

Golf With Your Friends, the chaotic mini-golf game developed by Team17, just got a new teams mode for all players.

You can now join a team, and players will rack up points for their respective team as they play. When the game is set up, multiple options for team scoring and collision rules are available. Players can choose between 12 pre-made teams, like Jurassic Jaws, Nimble Gnomes, Deep Sea Divers, etc.

Watch the new trailer to see what the new mode looks like:

Golf With Your Friends | Teams Mode Update Out Now!

If you want to sport the colours of your team, a DLC pack with exclusive hats for all 12 teams is now available to buy. The cosmetic DLC costs £3.49/$3.99/€3.99.

A free cosmetic Sticker Pack is now available for all players so even if you don’t fancy a new hat, you can still show which team you belong to.

If you do not own Golf With Your Friends already, you can grab a copy here:

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