Get Your Sunglasses On and Join the Festivities as DRG’s Space Rig Transforms into a Sun-Kissed Haven of Fun

Ghost Ship Games
Coffee Stain Publishing
PC (Microsoft Windows,) / Xbox Series X | S, Xbox One / PlayStation 5 / PlayStation 4
Release Date
May 13, 2020
Cross Platform?
Xbox One and Windows 10 Store version only

Hello there, intrepid Miners! Get ready to swap your pickaxes for pool floats and your helmets for sunglasses, because the much-anticipated Space Beach Party is set to bring a wave of summer cheer to the Space Rig. In a recent announcement from Management, the dates have been locked in, and from August 3rd, 1 PM CEST to August 17th, 1 PM CEST, you’re invited to bask in the glory of the sunniest celebration this side of Hoxxes.

Summer Shenanigans Await

Prepare to experience the joys of summer with a dash of space-faring adventure. The Space Beach Party promises an array of entertaining activities that are sure to leave you grinning. Here’s what’s in store for you:

The Hoxxes Summer Cruise:

It might be chilly in space, but Management has lined up some special tasks to get you warmed up. Completing this assignment not only guarantees you some fantastic rewards but also grants you access to an exclusive headpiece – The Great White Delight! Gear up, Miners, and make sure you wrap up this assignment before the sun sets on the event.

Hat Collection:

Remember those fantastic hats from last year? Well, you’re in luck! Management has unearthed some extra stock and decided to distribute them through the completion of the Last Year’s Fashion assignment. Dive into the past and adorn your head with these stylish throwbacks.

Pool Floats:

Although an actual pool is out of reach, fear not, for Management has ordered an assortment of pool floats to sprinkle some summer vibes. But wait, there’s a twist! When Longbeard Freight, in its typical fashion, inevitably sends the shipment crashing into Hoxxes, Management has a plan. Retrieve those pool floats during missions, and you’ll be rewarded with double Performance Points. It’s time to turn interstellar accidents into your advantage!

Atmospheric Space Rig DĂ©cor:

The Space Rig is getting a summer makeover! Breathe in the coastal air as you lounge by the ambient sounds of the sea. Grab a cold beverage from the bar, strum a tune on the company-provided steel drum, or engage in a friendly water balloon skirmish. It’s a slice of paradise, light-years away from any beach.

So, fellow Miners, dust off your beachwear and dive into the 2023 Space Beach Party extravaganza! Make a splash, grab those summer treats, and dive into the festivities. Remember, the party ends on August 17th, 1 PM CEST, so seize the opportunity while you can.

Are you excited about the Space Beach Party? Tell us your thoughts on the upcoming event! Share your anticipation, favorite party features, or any ideas you have for making it even more memorable. Join the conversation in the comments below or hop over to the Gaming.Buzz Community Discord and join the lively discussion with fellow Miners.

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