Brain Show Key Art
Brain Show Key Art
Brain Show Key Art | Courtesy of Simplicity Games

Get Your Grey Cells Buzzing with Brain Show: A New Party Quiz-Game Adventure for PC and Nintendo Switch

Simplicity Games Gears Up for a Brain-Teasing Soiree with its Fresh Take on the Quiz-Party Genre, 'Brain Show', Set to Launch on June 7

Get ready to put your grey cells to the test and join the fun-filled trivia bonanza as Simplicity Games announces the launch of its latest venture, ‘Brain Show’. The game is set to debut on PC and Nintendo Switch on June 7, 2023, promising a thrilling ride with a sprinkle of knowledge and a whole lot of fun.

Hailing from the Polish studio Simplicity Games, renowned for its mobile games and Nintendo Switch titles like ‘Volleyball Challenge’ and ‘Ski Jump Challenge’, ‘Brain Show’ is an enticing blend of a classic quiz game and a party extravaganza. It invites up to 8 players simultaneously to participate in a light-hearted trivia face-off.

Brain Show | Official Launch Trailer

“Our new game can be seen as a spiritual successor to games like Knowledge is Power, Buzz! or Big Brain Academy, but also to various tv shows, including those with pretty crazy rules. We have prepared 13 different game modes, and each of them has something unique about it. The gameplay is, of course, based on competition, so it provides great excitement and fun, and by the way, you can also expand your knowledge on various topics”  says Simplicity Games CEO Tomasz Dyrak.

In the spirit of popular quiz games like ‘Knowledge is Power’ and ‘Buzz!’, ‘Brain Show’ has a little something for everyone. It boasts an impressive repertoire of over 5,000 questions, spanning 41 thematic categories, from films, music, and fairy tales, to internet, politics, and computer science, among others.

The game features 13 diverse modes to keep the excitement alive. In the ‘Race Against Time’ mode, speed is the essence as the quickest correct response clinches the round. ‘High Stakes’ lets players wager their points, with right and wrong answers resulting in an equal rise or fall in the score. Other notable modes include ‘Vacuum Cleaner’, ‘Dynamite’, and ‘Balloon Fight’, all designed to ensure a rip-roaring good time.

‘Brain Show’ is set to excite fans of local multiplayer games, as it allows up to 8 friends or family to play together. For the Steam version, the game supports the ‘Remote Play Together’ feature, enabling players to invite friends over the internet to join the brain-boosting fun.

On its release day, ‘Brain Show’ will be available in English and Polish language versions, each with a full voiceover in the respective language. The creators have also crafted questions relevant to local and language-specific issues, adding an extra layer of cultural charm.

Key Features of Brain Show:

  • Quiz and party game for up to 8 players
  • 13 diversified competitions
  • Light-hearted and humorous approach
  • More than 5000 questions across 41 thematic categories
  • Simple and accessible controls
  • Available in English and Polish

Founded in 2014, Simplicity Games has earned a reputation as a leading independent Polish studio, with a portfolio that has been downloaded by over 30 million players on Android and iOS devices.

As we keenly anticipate the launch of ‘Brain Show’, we invite you to gear up for a delightful brain teaser and a thrilling party game.

Brain Show is set to debut on PC (on Steam) and Nintendo Switch on June 7, 2023 with an MSRP of $14.99 or local equivalent.

We can’t wait to hear your thoughts on ‘Brain Show’. Share your comments below or join our Gaming.Buzz Community Discord to discuss your expectations and how you plan to ace the game with your friends and family. Will you be the quiz master or the party starter? Let’s start the conversation!

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