Victoria 3 - Voice Of The People | Art Courtesy Of Paradox Interactive

Get Ready to Meet History’s Greatest Political Agitators with Victoria 3: Voice of the People

Paradox Interactive’s Victoria 3 is already a fan favorite for its deep political and economic gameplay mechanics, and now it’s about to get even better. The first immersion pack for the game, Voice of the People, is coming next month and it’s set to add a lot of historical personalities to the mix.

In this new expansion, you will get to meet over 60 historical characters, including the likes of Mikhail Bakunin, Frederick Douglas, and Enver Pasha, each with their own unique traits and agendas. The Agitator system is the highlight of this expansion, where you’ll be challenged to handle some of history’s most influential and charismatic figures who advocate for social and economic progress or resist change in favor of tradition.

The immersion pack comes with new features, including special Agitator actions that allow you to promote or exile them to blunt their impact, unique French content with new events and decisions, and new buildings and art. If you pre-order the pack, you’ll get three additional French characters to add to the mix.

Moreover, the expansion pack will be accompanied by a major free update to Victoria 3, which will include the new Agitator System, new political ideologies for France, changes to the world map, and many other features.

The Voice of the People is set to release on May 22, and it’s sure to bring more depth and excitement to an already interesting game. Get ready to dive deep into history and meet some of the most influential political agitators of all time.

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