A Screenshot of 3D Don't Die, Mr Robot.
A Screenshot of 3D Don't Die, Mr Robot.
3D Dont Die Mr Robot Screenshot | Courtesy of Infinite State Games

Get Ready to Dodge ‘n’ Explode in 3D Don’t Die, Mr. Robot! Demo, Now on Steam!

Dive into the Neon Dunjun and Experience the Explosive Fruity Madness in this 3D Reboot of a Cult Classic!

Hey there, fellow gamers! Exciting news just landed for fans of Infinite State Games and their ever-popular rogue-lite shmup, Rogue Aces. They’ve just dropped a juicy demo for their upcoming 3D reboot of the 2014 cult classic, “Don’t Die, Mr. Robot!” and it’s ripe for the picking on Steam right now! You can check it out and download the demo on Steam now.

For those of you not in the know, 3D Don’t Die, Mr. Robot! is a high-octane, arcade-style dodge-’em-up that puts you in the shoes (or should that be wheels?) of Mr. Robot. This little droid finds himself stuck in the Neon Dunjun, a dangerous and fruit-filled dimension where survival depends on collecting exploding fruits to obliterate any nearby enemies, earning points and living to fight another day.

Infinite State Games has taken the original PC, iOS, and console game, and given it a complete 3D makeover. They’ve used nearly a decade’s worth of player feedback to fine-tune the difficulty, creating a beautifully balanced experience that’s equal parts thrilling and challenging. The updated visuals are a neon-drenched treat, with a cool neo-retro cell-shaded look, and the quirky enemies have been reimagined in full 3D. And let’s not forget the heart-pounding tunes from ISG’s house band, sure to put you in a fruit-trance!

The demo offers a complete Arcade Mode experience, featuring its own online leaderboard. As you play, you’ll aim to score as many points as possible in the Neon Dunjun, avoiding the increasingly dangerous robotic baddies while your fruit-trance meter climbs. Can you hold on until your inevitable doom?

Some features you can expect in the demo include:

  • Fast-paced, arcade-style gameplay
  • Addictive scoring system
  • Online Leaderboards
  • Visual overload bliss
  • Heart pounding soundtrack
  • Simple to pick up, difficult to master
  • Endless replayability

3D Don’t Die, Mr. Robot! is set to launch in late 2023, with the full game promising a 50-level campaign mode, new features, and more content. Plus, we can look forward to some seriously filthy bass lines, as is the ISG way!

Ready to give it a whirl? Head over to Steam and try the demo now. And once you’ve had a taste of the fruit-fuelled chaos, we want to hear what you think! Drop your thoughts in the comments below or join the Gaming.Buzz Community Discord to share your experiences with fellow gamers. Let’s get this conversation started – and remember, don’t die, Mr. Robot!

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