Bus Simulator 21 Key Art featuring the Bus Simulator 21 logo above a Red Double Decker Bus in London
Bus Simulator 21 Key Art featuring the Bus Simulator 21 logo above a Red Double Decker Bus in London
Bus Simulator 21 Key Art | Courtesy of astragon Entertainment GmbH

Get Ready to Charge Up Your Rides: Ebusco Electric Buses Zoom into Bus Simulator 21!

Charging Ahead: Electric Buses and New DLC Packs Set to Electrify Your Bus Simulator 21 Experience!

Alright, all you virtual bus drivers out there, brace yourselves for some electrifying news! It’s time to park your diesel guzzlers and get ready to jump on the electric bus bandwagon, as Ebusco is all set to zoom into Bus Simulator 21!

Following the recent announcement by astragon Entertainment and stillalive studios about the much-anticipated Bus Simulator 21 Next Stop update, we’ve got our hands on another exciting bit of news. The Dutch bus manufacturer Ebusco is making its grand entry into the game, bringing with it three spanking new electric buses and six fresh interior designs. These zero-emission, all-electric buses are ready to shake things up in the virtual transportation network of Angel Shores and Seaside Valley.

Ebusco expands fleet with three new buses

The Ebusco 2.2 – 12m, a 12-meter-long bus that can pack in up to 90 passengers, the 18-meter-long articulated electric bus Ebusco 2.2 – 18m with room for up to 150 passengers, and the Ebusco 3.0, another 12-meter-long bus which can accommodate up to 95 passengers. Each bus comes fully equipped with 2 axles and 3 doors for a realistic bus driving experience.

The Ebusco Bus Pack is the first DLC from the Bus Simulator 21 Next Stop – Season Pass. The pass features a total of four upcoming DLCs that promise to enhance the game experience of the simulation. Following the Ebusco Bus Pack, we’ll see the Official School Bus Extension and the Thomas Built Buses® Bus Pack. Exciting times ahead, eh?

On May 16th, the Ebusco Bus Pack, Season Pass, and the big Next Stop Update will be released, bringing with them numerous gameplay improvements and a brand-new game mode. The Official Map Extension with new orders and dedicated versions for PS5™ and Xbox Series X|S will also become available.

If you’re new to the Bus Simulator family, fear not, there’s a package just for you! Bus Simulator 21 Next Stop – Gold Edition bundles together the main game and all the previously released paid DLCs. The Gold Edition will be available digitally and in stores on May 16th. Already got the main game? You can opt for the Bus Simulator 21 Next Stop – Gold Upgrade to nab the additional content.

The Ebusco Bus Pack will be available for 8,99 EUR / 8,99 USD / 7,49 GBP, while the Season Pass including all planned paid DLCs can be bagged for the special price of 24,99 EUR / 24,99 USD / 19,99 GBP.

Bus Simulator 21 Next Stop will be up for grabs on May 16th for Steam, the Microsoft Store, and the Epic Games Store at a price of 34.99 EUR, and for 49.99 EUR for PlayStation®5, PlayStation®4, Xbox Series X|S, and Xbox One.

So the countdown has begun! Gear up to welcome Ebusco to your fleet and make your rides cleaner and greener. Let’s take our virtual bus driving experience to the next level, shall we?

Now, here’s a challenge for you. Once you get your hands on the Ebusco Bus Pack, we want to hear all about your experience. Share your thoughts in the comments below or head over to our Gaming.Buzz Community Discord and give us the lowdown on how these electric buses handle. Let’s see who can pull off the smoothest ride, or the tightest cornering. And don’t forget to share some screenshots of your new shiny electric fleet. Whether you’re a seasoned bus driver or a new recruit to the simulator world, we can’t wait to hear about your electric adventures. So, get ready to hop on the electric bus and take your game to the Next Stop!

Where To Buy

Until the May 16, 2023 release of the Bus Simulator 21 Next Stop – Gold Edition, Bus Simulator 21 is available in two editions: the standard edition, starting at a suggested retail price of £29.99 , and the extended edition, which includes the MAN Bus Pack for £33.61

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