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Get Ready for the Wild Rift Patch 4.2 Playhem

Three Champions, Elemental Dragon, and More coming on May 26 2023

PC gamers, get ready for a new experience as the Wild Rift Patch 4.2: Playhem is set to release on May 26. This patch comes with tons of new content to make the game even more exciting. In this article, we’ll explore everything you need to know about this upcoming update.

First off, we have three new champions – Ornn, the Fire Below the Mountain, Volibear, the Relentless Storm, and Swain, the Noxian Grand General. Ornn is a sturdy tank, while Volibear brings the thundering power of storms, and Swain is a master tactician and mage who commands a flock of shadowy ravens.

But that’s not all. The patch also introduces a new elemental dragon – the Ice Dragon. When defeated, it grants ability haste, which is especially beneficial for spellslinging champions. If the Ice Dragon is the first dragon killed, the Rift is covered in frozen terrain. This ice appears along the sides of structures in the jungle and river, giving a boost in movement speed when gliding across it. Frozen Fruit will also spawn, which, when attacked by a champion, will freeze enemies caught in its blast in a Zhonya’s Hourglass-like state.

In terms of gameplay, the Playhem patch brings new options for marksmen. One of these is the Immortal Shieldbow, which provides extra safety for marksmen. The Collector offers a strong combination of offensive stats for marksmen, and Phantom Dancer, Manamune, and Essence Reaver have also been updated.

Customization options have been expanded in the Playhem patch. The Gallery Skin Sets feature has been expanded, and a special reward is given for a complete collection of skins. Players can now also customize their UI in-game with new customizations from the Collection tab.

For players eager to track their Ranked progression, the Season Stats feature has been added, which allows you to check out various stats, including champion win rates, number of games played on each champion, and total number of Pentakills.

The Wild Pass Season 13 introduces a brand new skin for Ahri, which players can look forward to getting their hands on. Food Spirits Ahri is the reward for completing this Wild Pass.

The Playhem patch also comes with a brand new leaderboard event. This event pits the two new playable Freljordian titans, Ornn and Volibear, against each other. Play games and complete missions to climb to the top of the leaderboard to earn special rewards.

Finally, we have a plethora of new skins in the Playhem patch. Shan Hai Scroll Nautilus, Shan Hai Scroll Jhin, Shan Hai Scroll Volibear, Shan Hai Scroll Aatrox, Sentinel Graves, Sentinel Diana, Sentinel Olaf, Thunderlord Ornn, Dragon Guardian Galio, Iconic Garen, Soul Stealer Vayne, Dark Star Malphite, Tyrant Swain, Ocean Song Zeri, Ocean Song Seraphine, Ocean Song Ashe, Prestige Battle Cat Jinx, Battle Cat Jinx, and Battle Bunny Miss Fortune are all now available.

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