Republic of the Jungle Key Art
Republic of the Jungle Key Art
Republic of the Jungle Key Art | Courtesy of Gerdoo Games

Get Ready for the Jungle! Gerdoo Games Presents ‘Republic of Jungle’ at INDIE Live Expo 2023

Dive into political intrigue, deception, and thrilling gameplay with the fresh, politically-themed social deduction game!

An intriguing announcement from Gerdoo Games, a remote studio known for its commitment to creating games that foster connection, communication, and heaps of fun.

If you’re a fan of suspense, strategy, and the world of politics, this news is especially for you. Gerdoo Games has just revealed that its first-ever game, the aptly named ‘Republic of Jungle,’ is set to take the stage at the INDIE Live Expo on 20th May.

‘Republic of Jungle’ plunges you into a world of political manoeuvring as you’re divided into two factions: the Loyalists and the Leakers. The name of the game? Deception, betrayal, and secrecy. As a Loyalist, your duty is to protect President Puma’s secrets, while Leakers aim to expose sensitive information to the media.

How To Play Republic of the Jungle

Victory comes in the form of successfully completing or revealing three secret missions, or by protecting or discovering the identity of the undercover agent. It’s a thrilling game of cat-and-mouse, or in this case, puma-and-rat.

What makes ‘Republic of Jungle’ unique is the way it blends online and physical play. Using Jackbox-style gameplay, players can join in effortlessly on their mobile device or browser. So whether you’re sat on your sofa, riding the tube, or hanging out at a mate’s house, you can dive into political intrigue at a moment’s notice.

Still intrigued? You can watch the INDIE Live Expo live on YouTube and get a firsthand look at ‘Republic of Jungle.’ If you want to learn more, you can also pop over to the game’s Steam page or official website.

Now, here comes the fun part. We want to hear from you! Are you excited about ‘Republic of Jungle’? Do you reckon you have what it takes to be a Loyalist or a Leaker? Share your thoughts in the comments below or join the conversation in our Gaming.Buzz Community Discord.

Alright, gaming comrades! It’s time for some politicking in the Republic of Jungle. It’s an opportunity you don’t want to miss!

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