Olympic Esports Series Featuring FortniteKey Art with three Fortnite characters on a purple background below the event and Fortnite logos
Olympic Esports Series Featuring FortniteKey Art with three Fortnite characters on a purple background below the event and Fortnite logos
Fortnite Olympic Esports Series Key Art | Image Courtesy of Epic Games

Get Ready for Olympic Esports Week: Sport Shooting Joins the Party in Fortnite!

The Olympics Adds Sports Shooting in Fortnite in a confusing turn of events for our team.

The first-ever Olympic Esports Week is coming to Singapore’s Suntec Centre from 22 to 25 June 2023. The International Olympic Committee (IOC) and the Singapore National Olympic Council (SNOC) have just announced the event details and ticket information.

In an interesting development, Sport Shooting has now joined the line-up, featuring a challenge created by the International Shooting Sport Federation (ISSF) in – wait for it – Fortnite! Yep, that’s right, 12 players from the 2023 Fortnite Champion Series (FNCS) will be invited to compete on a global stage, using a specially designed Fortnite Creative Island to test their target-aiming accuracy. Get ready to watch the world’s sharpest shooters in Fortnite navigate the in-game environment, competing for the prestigious title of Olympic Esports Series winner.

Olympic Esports Week is going to be a four-day festival of virtual sports and gaming. The live finals of the Olympic Esports Series 2023 will be one of the highlights, featuring competitors from baseball, chess, motorsport, sailing, and more.

Tickets are available to purchase now, with general admission starting at SGD 10 per day and three-day passes from SGD 20. As Visa is the official and preferred way to pay for Olympic Esports Week tickets, make sure to grab yours using your Visa card, you can purchase tickets here.

By attending, you’ll get access to a full schedule of events, including all the amazing live finals action, a free-to-play zone featuring the latest virtual sports, gaming and esports innovations, and exhibition matches in NBA 2K23, Eleven Table Tennis, and more!

  • All the live finals action from the Olympic Esports Series
    • Friday 23 June: archery, cycling, dancing, sailing;
    • Saturday 24 June: baseball, taekwondo, sport shooting, tennis;
    • Sunday 25 June: motorsport, chess.
  • A host of the latest virtual sports, gaming and esports innovations in the free-to-play zone, including baseball, cricket, cycling and motorsport.
  • Exhibition matches across NBA 2K23, Eleven Table Tennis, and much more.

Olympic Esports Week is supported by Worldwide Olympic Partners, including Allianz, which is bringing its MoveNow Camp to Singapore with a new esports edition. Registration for this camp is now open to 14- to 17-year-olds from across Asia, with 30 lucky participants getting invited to take part during Olympic Esports Week 2023. Register here before Sunday 7 May to secure your spot!

This monumental event marks another step in supporting the development of virtual sports within the Olympic Movement and continues the collaboration with the gaming and esports communities to create new opportunities for players and fans alike.

Visit Olympics.com for full details on Olympic esports, including Olympic Esports Week and the Olympic Esports Series 2023. All the live finals action, as well as the official Olympic Esports Week opening ceremony on Thursday 22 June, will be streamed globally on Olympics.com.

Are you excited for eSports in the Olympics? Are you planning on attending? What do you think of the addition of Fortnite to the roster in Sport Shooting? Don’t forget to share your thoughts on the games and event in the comments below or join us in the Gaming.Buzz Community Discord to discuss everything Olympic Esports Week. Let’s get the conversation started!

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