Dead By Daylight: ALIEN | image courtesy of Behaviour Interactive Inc.

Get Hunted By ALIENS In Dead By Daylight

Chapter 29: Alien has been announced as the next chapter DLC for the multiplayer survival horror game Dead by Daylight. The DLC will be available for purchase on the 29th of August 2023.

In Dead by Daylight, players can engage in a 1 vs 4 trail. One killer will try to murder all of the survivors before they complete tasks to to get the exit to open and escape the map.

The new franchise DLC will add a killer and survivor from the ALIEN franchise. The Xenomorph can be played by killers, and Ellen Ripley will become available to be played by the survivors.

Dead by Daylight | Alien | Official Trailer

The Xenomorph can use a system of tunnels to move around the map and gather information about its prey. The unique perks for this character allow it to move faster, reveal survivor auras, or make survivors scream and reveal their location. The Xenomorph attacks using its arm or its tail. Survivors can place turrets to help them counteract the Xenomorphs moves.

Ellen Ripley is a capable survivor with three unique perks. She can place chemical traps after repairing a generator, suppress the sounds of her footsteps, or suppress grunts and bleeding while hiding in a locker. Ripley’s cat, Jones, can sometimes be seen as part of her idle animation or hiding in a locker in the Nostromo map. Jones does not offer any gameplay benefits but it’s a cute detail for fans of ALIEN.

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