FreeStyle 2: 9th Anniversary Key Art
FreeStyle 2: 9th Anniversary Key Art
FreeStyle 2: 9th Anniversary Key Art | Courtesy of Joycity

FreeStyle 2: Street Basketball Celebrates 9th Year Anniversary with Spectacular Events and Free DLC!

Join the Epic Celebration and Score Big Rewards in FreeStyle 2: Street Basketball's 9th Anniversary Bash!

Hey, ballers! Gather round because we’ve got some exciting news for you. FreeStyle 2: Street Basketball, the beloved basketball game by Joycity, is gearing up to celebrate its 9th year anniversary in the North American market. And let me tell you, they’re going all out to make this milestone one to remember. Brace yourselves for an abundance of content, events, and fantastic surprises!

To kick things off, the game is launching a massive 9th anniversary patch, and at the center of it all is the larger-than-life character known as Big Joe. He’s the MC and host of this vibrant celebration, and he’s brought his unique style to the party by donning an eye-catching luchador costume. But that’s not all! During the 9th anniversary celebration, players logging into the game will have the opportunity to unlock the never-before-seen Big Joe luchador character for free! Just fire up the game and log in to claim this bombastic addition to your roster.

Now, let’s talk events! Joycity has gone above and beyond to ensure this anniversary celebration is jam-packed with excitement. There will be numerous events running simultaneously, offering players a chance to grab some fantastic prizes. Get ready for the 9th anniversary special package, start-up dash, access to the Big Joe shop, login time event, random event, and the thrilling Big Joe lollipop event. The 9th anniversary package alone will include exclusive outfits and a custom ball, and guess what? Every player who logs in during the celebration will receive these awesome prizes!

But wait, there’s more! The Big Joe shop will give players an opportunity to complete missions and earn lollipop currency. By collecting various parts, you can customize your Big Joe character, boosting both basic and extended stats. How cool is that?

As if all that wasn’t enough, the celebration also marks the start of Draft Season 5, featuring the arrival of Yoshino as a draft character. It’s the perfect time to show off your skills and dominate the court with this exciting addition.

And here’s a little something for all you Steam players out there. Joycity say tehy want to express their gratitude to the Freestyle 2 community for nine incredible years of support. They’re releasing a free DLC package exclusively on Steam, packed with fan-favorite items. Expect to find 300 Event Kash, 10 Free Tickets, 10 Shuffle Tickets, and 10 Gold Balls in this generous package. No strings attached, my friends!

To get your hands on this fantastic free DLC Steam Package, it’s as simple as logging into FreeStyle 2: Street Basketball on Steam and heading over to the store page during the anniversary celebration. Don’t miss out on this golden opportunity!

Now, let’s talk about the social media community. Joycity wants to show their appreciation to the creators who have shared their love for FreeStyle 2. By sharing the 9th anniversary post from the official FreeStyle 2 social media channels and tagging three friends, players will receive 5,000 Event Kash and 5 Premium Shuffles. That’s a sweet reward! But here’s the real kicker—those exceptional creators who upload 9th anniversary themed video content might just get a chance to win a Premium Character and a whopping 30,000 Event Kash! Show off your creativity and be a part of this special celebration.

So, mark your calendars and get ready to ball like never before! Visit the official website for more information on the FreeStyle 2: Street Basketball update and events. And don’t forget to share your thoughts and join the conversation in the comments below or in the Gaming.Buzz Community Discord. We want to hear about your favorite moments, the prizes you’ve won, and the epic matches you’ve played.

Now it’s time to grab your virtual basketball, lace up those digital sneakers, and jump into the game. Get ready for the most epic FreeStyle 2: Street Basketball experience yet!

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