Screenshot of the game Jurassic World Evolution 2
Screenshot of the game Jurassic World Evolution 2
Jurassic World Evolution 2 | image courtesy of Frontier

Free Update For Jurassic World Evolution 2 Announced

To celebrate the 30th birthday of the timeless classic blockbuster Jurassic World, players of Jurassic World Evolution 2 will receive a free update for their game on the 8th of June 2023!

The free update will be available for all players on all platforms and comes packed with iconic items from the original blockbuster that you can use to create a nostalgic feel in your park. Items include a stature of Mr. DNA, the original educational mascot, classic airlock gates, a big pile of dung, classic paths and much more. Players will also be able to place the Power Bunker, a recognisable building where many of the original film’s exciting scenes took place.

A celebratory livestream to bring the community together on the anniversary of Jurassic Park will be hosted on Twitch and Youtube. The team will showcase the new items and host a few giveaways. What is a birthday party without gifts afterall?

If giveaways sound like your thing, you should keep an eye on the game’s social media accounts over the next few days.

For more information about the update, please visit the official website.

If you don’t own Jurassic World Evolution yet, you can buy the game here:

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