Battle Brothers of Flesh and Faith Free DLC Key Art - Courtesy of Overhype Studios
Battle Brothers of Flesh and Faith Free DLC Key Art - Courtesy of Overhype Studios
Courtesy of Overhype Studios

Free Battle Brothers DLC Of Flesh and Faith Releases

Available Now On The Steam Store With Console Release Coming Soon!

Battle Brothers Box Art
Overhype Studios
Overhype Studios / Ukiyo Publishing
PC (Microsoft Windows) / PlayStation 4 / Xbox One / Nintendo Switch
Base Game Steam Release Date
March 24, 2017
Cross Platform

Hamburg based indie developer Overhype Studio are releasing a brand new free DLC today for their turn-based tactical RPG Battle Brothers called ‘Of Flesh and Faith’.

The free expansion developed by Overhype Studios which they say is a sign of gratitude to its loyal community after 6 years of exciting campaigns and epic all-out battles. The DLC, out now on Steam, will be available for the console versions of the game (PlayStation, Xbox and Switch) shortly afterwards.

‘Of Flesh and Faith’ introduces the Oathtakers and the Anatomists: two new origins with unique mechanics, character backgrounds, story events, special equipment and custom-tailored banners – making them the most detailed origins in Battle Brothers since this feature was implemented with ‘Warriors of the North’. It also brings many quality-of-life enhancements and balancing changes to improve the game experience.

Battle Brothers is a fantastic game and one I’ve thoroughly enjoyed playing on stream and if you’ve been looking to take the dive into the game now’s a great time between this free DLC and the sale on now the Steam version of the game at the Humble Store with 67% off the base game and 15% off the paid DLC until March 13, 2022 at 7pm GMT and Humble Choice members saving even more.

What the Developers Say

The Oathtakers

Courtesy of Overhype Studios

The Oathtakers are knightly warriors beholden not to liege lords, but to the ideals and teachings of their founder, the late Young Anselm. Though his own time in the world was tragically cut short, death only made him immortal as he lives on as a paragon of righteousness and virtue in the minds of his followers. His teachings provide guidance, and his skull is revered as a holy relic, a provenance of courage in the sea of chaos that is the world of Battle Brothers. To walk the path of Young Anselm is to take oaths to right the wrongs in this world, and even to sacrifice oneself for the greater good if need be. Essentially paladins, Oathtakers are also on a quest to make whole the shattered skull of their founder. All that stands in their way is a nemesis born in the schism of Young Anselm’s death, a heresy which must be found and destroyed.

The Anatomists

Anatomists are a group of researchers whose unquenchable thirst for knowledge trumps their sense for decency and their need for social acceptance. Shunned for disturbing the peace of the dead to advance the bounds of scientific knowledge, they’ve been mistaken for necromancers more than once. Theirs is a path to become more than mere men, to conquer life with knowledge about the flesh, paved with the dissection of the fallen. With about all there is to be learned from disassembly of the human body already learned, they now look to you to provide them with new and exotic specimens. Imagine what wondrous insights the study of greenskins could yield! Oh, and a great Lindwurm, imagine what secrets lie but waiting to be discovered behind their scales!

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