Neva Key Art
Neva Key Art
Neva Key Art | Courtesy of Devolver Digital

Forge Bonds and Fight for Survival in ‘Neva’, A New Emotional Adventure from the Creators of GRIS

Nomada Studio and Devolver Digital are back with an epic journey of companionship and courage in a decaying world

Fancy a bit of a breathtaking journey coupled with companionship and courage, do you? Well, brace yourself, mates! The geniuses behind the critically acclaimed GRIS are back with another emotionally-charged adventure called Neva.

Devolver Digital and Nomada Studio, the very same team that won our hearts (and The Game Awards’ Games for Impact award) with GRIS, have announced the upcoming release of Neva. This unforgettable adventure is slated to drop next year, and it’s coming to a screen near you on PC, PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X|S, and Nintendo Switch.

Neva | Reveal Trailer

This brand new tale has us following the steps of a young woman named Alba, who, after a haunting encounter with dark forces, finds herself linked to an adorable, yet mischievous wolf cub. Throughout their journey in a crumbling world, the pair must rely on each other to overcome increasingly treacherous circumstances.

What’s even more heartwarming is the fact that our canine companion won’t remain a cub forever. This wolf matures over time, as does Alba’s relationship with it. It’s not every day that a game promises an emotional journey filled with growth and evolution, eh?

Now, we’ve got to talk about the game mechanics, because boy, do they sound exciting! Just as with GRIS, we’re promised platforming, puzzles, and monstrous enemies to battle. This all plays out with a minimal UI, underpinning the delicate art, exquisite traditional animation, and haunting music. It’s going to be a sensory feast!

So, there you have it, folks. A brand new adventure awaits with Neva. Do you think you’re ready to forge a powerful bond with a magnificent wolf in a decaying world? We can’t wait to hear your thoughts!

Neva is available to wishlist now on Steam and PlayStation Store and you can visit for more information.

Share your first impressions, anticipations, and speculations about Neva in the comments section below or head over to the Gaming.Buzz Community Discord. We love hearing from you!

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